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Excuses Time!

Sorry, not posts for ages and you can guess why, can't you?

L2M has been a BBBBAAAAAAAAADDDDD Boy! Look at these numbers and tell me they add up. They add to L2M piggging out and letting his diet regime go to peices!!

This was my weight on April 4th - 118.6kg.


Excuses for that? - just after the Rugby 7s, had been partying all week and weekend, out for dinner, copious beers, you name it!

Here is my weight this morning - 120.2kg.


Wow! Back over the 120 mark!!! Scared straight! For the last few days it has been this high or worse, and it has prompted a restart of the whole thing - back into the diet and exercise pronto! L2M has been swimming each of the last three days, although his tolerance is right down. Managed 12 minutes of laps - about 450m - before retiring exhausted to the sun-lounge! Last week it was 5 minutes - maybe 200m.

I could tell something was going wrong lately as I have been forced into dropping back a hole in my belt, after the great success of going down two early last year in my first big weigt drop period (from 128 to 115).

Excuses abound.

Lots of visitors from Hong Kong - social life, BBQs, wines (lots of wines)...

Lots of travel - they take you out for lunch and dinner and order up big because work is paying. Routine of exercise broken like a twig. I only managed one visit to a gym in the last two months, and that was to use a crappy broken down walking machine in Vietnam. No lap swimming while travelling. Either they have no pools or the social life is too demanding, when they drop you back at the hotel at 10pm, the pool is closed anyway.

While at home in the last week I have been cooking well and drinking a fair bit of wine as well. (The [yellow tail] shiraz at $20 is the best wine bargain in Singapore right now! Grab it at cold Storage - a luscious drop, you'd swear it cost 4 times as much.) As far as food goes, I still am unable to make a serving size that is suitable for less than three people. Squid curry, chicken in black-bean, lamb and bean cassarole, steak spuds and a large salad - all gigantic serves. I am just eating too much.

Plus bread and cheese have been particularly strongly abused in L2M GHQ of late...

OK, I have to call my Herbalife contact man and get some more supplies for my meal replacements. I am thinking of spreading lots of fruit and healthy nibble snacks through the morning and afternoon as well so I don't get home famished. Doing the forager type diet, so long as I limit myself to low calorie things... That worked really last year when The Mouse was at home cooking small servings of low calorie stuff. Maybe I should eat out more, as restaurant meals are generally smaller than what I stuff myself with at home.

Certainly too, I need to up the ante on the exercise. Ever since my slight vaso-vagal scare of last year I have been over-cautious and a bit scared to do too much - to do anything actually.

The Red Queen was right: it takes all the running you can do to stay in the same place, if you want do get somewhere else, you have to run faster than that...

Let's knuckle down and get back into this...

A thought: Any gorgeous sporty girls willing to be my personal trainer?



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