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Same old same-o...

Nobody has commented on the lack of entries in this blog - obviously no-one except PC and myself are reading it! GOOD! This is so embarrassing.

I've been business tripping all the last few eeks, and the inevitable temptations have conquered me. Mainly around breakfast time - I don;t have a fatty or greasy breakfast, but I love a good cereal mix - bran flakes, those crunchy granola ones, and Bircher muesli with nuts and fruits with yoghurt on top and skim milk, plus toast - with butter. Sometimes made into a cheese and ham sandwich if they have Jarlsberg and good ham.

I seriously judge a the quality hotel by its cereals at the breakfast buffett. Well not totally, as the Jakarta Hilton had a nice selection and it still is one VERY SHITE hotel.

Speaking of toast: I did the Gut-Busters program back in Australia several years ago. The coach, not much of a dietitian actually, came up with tip that explains the total lack of understanding skinny people have for those of us who love food.

"Let you toast go cold before you butter it," he said. "That way it will not melt the margarine and so you'll use less of it."

Problems with this:

a) margarine? I can't believe it's not toxic!

b) cold toast? What the fuck are you thinking? The purpose of toast is to be an efficient butter and vegemite delivery device. The more butter melts in, the better. Well up to a point. No-one likes soggy toast - which is why you don't use margarine on toast; it instantly deconstructs into oil and water in the presence of warm crispy oxidated bread. The toast turns to mushy pulp. Gaagg.

Butter however holds itself together as a big buttery dollop for quite some time, and only insinuates its way into the matrix of toast molecules slowly and tastefully, bearing rich warm buttery butteriness into the heart of the matrix, note, without sogginess. Then vegemite! OK or some ginger/orange marmalade on the second slice.

So you can see my trouble with his advice. It ignores the complete sensual experience that toast can and should convey. Dietitians just miss the point of eating.

You can also see why dieting is such a problem for me. I have my preferences in life.


OK breakfast is a problem when I am travelling. Then of course it's the lunch with everybody, followed by the dinner with everybody plus beers to celebrate the inevitable 20 system sale and to thank me for saving their otherwise rapidly sinking arses. It's all I get, seeing as how I am not on commission.

Also last weekend, I had visitors, did I mention? My old flatmeate and her boyfriend stayed at Chez L2M. This resulted in many varied and delicious meals and a few beers as well (they are not serious drinkers, fortunately.) Went to the Old Airport Rd hawker stall and tried, at my cabbies suggestion, the herbal steamed chicken. Fuck that was good. Could have eaten the entire chook by myself. Ah flavour and texture and aroma...

Exercise has been limited by my full social/work life, but when I am home on the weekend, I still get my laps in (except today). I even went to the gym at the hotel in Vietnam and walked uphill for 30 mins - about 180 calories according to the readout.

So the result is that the weight has been going up and down over the last few weeks. This morning I was the same as when I started... Shit.

Weight: 117.1kgs

Waist: measureed last weekend at 135cm - the same.

Back in town for a 2 weeks, so with reduced peer pressure there is a real chance I can restrict the breakfast and lunch to diet smoothies and fruit. 2 weeks of that should make a difference.




Posted by: expat@large on Feb 26, 06 | 9:33 pm | Profile


Dude, your work is a nightmare for weight loss. But well, look who's talking cause I'm off to BKK for 4 days to be entertained by a series of brokers. Think I'd better have apples for breakfast man. How was gym at the Hilton KL?

Check this idea out:

hws@???kg (been off gym cause of the flu - am sure that was good for weight loss tho)

PS. basket, I read this blog OK...

Posted by: hugewhaleshark on Feb 27, 06 | 8:32 pm

OK read it! See if I care, you gloating masochist!

Mmm, the amoebic dysentary approach has many many many side-effects to it. Like liver resection.

The gym at the Hilton KL? Good question. I could see the pool out my window, it looked good. Didn't have much time to check it out though, they drove me to "the historic town" of Melaka (aka Malacca), where dodgy antiques in this quiet haven cost more than the genuine article in Hollywood Rd, Hong Kong. They wanted $1250 for an old wall-phone, and $80 for a classic Coke glass!

The gym ("Excuse me, where is the gym?" "You wan speak Mr Jim?") at the Fortuna in NaNoi had one running/walking machine with an "Out of Order" sticker on it, the second wasn't working despite no sign, and the third was fine.

Fuck. Been blogging or reading blogs all day, no exercise, and eating a double serving of seafood in coconut milk curry... Diet... Die with a t.

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 27, 06 | 10:11 pm

Haha. Cool, man. Forget about the excesses of yesterday. Everyday is a new day. Cannot gloat dude, note the "huge" in hws.

Posted by: hugewhaleshark on Feb 28, 06 | 6:46 am

Guessed as much, you great tub of chewy shark blubber...

:-))) (man with double chin smiling)


Posted by: expat@large on Mar 01, 06 | 12:07 am


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