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Blog Meeting

Met up with PC in - where else would overweight, slightly unattractive fellas meet up? - Geylang.

Details in the main blog coming soon.

PC's issues are slightly different from L2M's because... well I let him talk about his issues...

L2M issues are to do with advancing age and the inexorable threat of mortality. Some big surprise there. Not.

Also pressing is the possibility (long odds if you ask him) of the close bosom friend of the maturing son having kids eventually - if they stick together - and L2M wanting to be around to enjoy grand-parenthood, and be something more than the "send me a photo" variety.

Also pressing is the fact that E@L hasn't written his novel(s). [Short stories, essays, biographies, reviews, Wikipedia entries, travelogues, letters ot the editor, shopping lists, anything publishable at all other than scientific theses and articles, and precious few of them as well...]

First love is literature, second love is attention-seeking - ergo he should become a famous novelist. Stands to reason.

He has had sufficient shocks to kick-start a Change Of Life into a writing career, even having six-months off in 2004, but there is nothing but the blog to show for any of his high-faluting ambitions.

His current work involves a lot of vascular studies and his machine shows that his arteries are hardening nicely thank you very much - something that can be partially eased or at least slowed down by diet, exercise, aspirin, anti-statins, Vit E, Vit C, arginine, citrulline, fruit, vegetables, sex, waving magic stones and crystals in the general vicinity and virgin sacrifices at midnight under a full moon (see: sex). Not necessarily in that order. And call me in the morning.

Maybe he needs something really big - like Anthony Burgess, author of A Clockwork Orange, etc. Burgess was teaching in Brunei in 1959 when he collapsed with a supposed brain tumour. (His harrowing account of having an air-encephalogram, a procedure thankfully made obsolete by CAT-scanners, in The Doctor Is Sick explains his life-long detestation of radiographers such as L2M.) He had already written three books, but he published three more that year of the diagnosis, in order to provide for his wife. It turned out to be probably excess alcohol and the "stress of the tropics" which caused him to collapse - "It shnot a tooOOOmah!" - but the feverish writing regimen never let up. He published about 40 more novels and studies in twenty years.

"Writer's block?" he once said famously on Parkinson. "I don't get writer's block. I am a writer, I am paid to write. You don't hear of a cobbler getting cobbler's block!"

So, anyway. (A typical blogger's comment.) Not only does L2M need time to read all his books, he needs time to write some. So he is trying to drop the risk factors... I guess he could also slow down on the blogging and actually write something in the way of stories...

He also needs to do his expenses for the last six months, prepare updated training presentations - he realised this week, giving the basic sound and Doppler physics talks how simplisitc and superficial they are - put some handouts together for the users of the new system, get back to the dentist for root-canal and a cap, AND get a social life.

Which reminds... No exercise or diet last night thanks to PC and he going to Geylang. A back-breaking Thai massage (legit) and a large bowl of definitely non-diet Laksa on Lor 9...

Up 0.5kgs this am! Damn that man! (Laying the blame elsewhere, nota bene.)



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