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Week2 Update

Been busting with work rather than exercise last few days, and the working a piece or two on the other blog so haven't posted much.

Exercise: Missed Sunday, due to shopping and sleeping, but otherwise still swimming most days. About 500 - 600m. I'll have to up the ante and head ot the gym very soon.

Diet: Breakfast is still smoothie, and lunch, except for the last two days I've had the guys in for training and had to take them to a Halal food court and pay for their meals, so I might as well have a plateful of rice and some curry and veg myself, right?...

However, when I have the meal replacement and fruit for lunch, I tend to get home quite ravenous and have been having sneaking a pre-dinner snack of some cheeses on farmer-style bread as I catch up on the news - nice bread, whole-grain, sultanas, walnuts...YUMMY! Then still have too much for main course - half a chicken or so, plus a potato and a medium corn-cob... In butter with salt. BAD BAD BAD.

Despite this, since last Wednesday when I took the first weigh in with the new scales - it is now next Thursday - the picture this morning does show some decrease in my gravity compliance.

Weight: 115.8kg. That's a saving of 1.7kgs! But wait, there's mooooooorrrrrre..


Also last night I picked up some dress-maker's tape, finally and the result is here for you to be astonished at. That spooky concavity is my belly-button... Scary huh? I am super-duper relaxing here. Not pushing out, but just letting it all hang. There is a strong urge to do the belly-suck-in thing as soon as you put something around your waist, so I had to fight that quite hard.

Waist: 134.5cm (That's about 53in!)


The protocol for these readings is that these numbers are the average of 3 measurements, by the way. Step on, check weight, step off. Repeat x 2. Divide by 3. Measure tummy x 3. Divide by 3. Eat donut.

Anticipated Difficulties Arising: Friends from Hong Kong coming down to stay at Chez E@L for the weekend. Damn. Love 'em to bits, but its gonna be hard not to hit the piss just a little bit more than normal, to say nothing of the fine food and cuisine and, um, cooking.

Next week I am travelling again - but only to Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur so the risk of being exposed to irrresistable haute cuisine is pretty remote.

Strategies for Resisting Temptation: Lock myself in the bathroom... Don't know if they have a pool at the Hilton in these towns, pretty 3rd World no doubt. I find the gym more comfortable to use in some hotels rather than the pool, mainly due to hygiene concerns.

And OK, tonight I am going out for dinner to meet up with Blog Partner PC for the first time and bump bellies. Low-carb for him, small serving for me seeing as how I had a big (normal for most people) lunch.

That's the plan anyway.



Posted by: expat@large on Feb 09, 06 | 4:31 pm | Profile


If you are at the KL Hilton (ie. not PJ), the gym there is the Clark Hatch. Pretty good I am told.

But dude, it's got to be damn hard laying off the super good street food!

hws @ 102.5kg

Posted by: hugewhaleshark on Feb 10, 06 | 6:54 am

Yeah, at KL Hilton.

The Hilton in Seoul also has a really good gym if I remember rightly. The one in Taipei however is crap. There the only ones i know.

But as for Won't Power when it comes to food, i will bring my drink shaker for breakfast and do one's best for the rest!

But as Homer says: "Mmmmm, hawker food!"

Posted by: expat@large on Feb 10, 06 | 4:12 pm


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