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... Warning... Disturbing Pictures Follow...

I've finally managed to gain enough testicular fortitude to take what E@L calls the "horrendous side profile"...

Here goes...


And the starting benchmark is...


Weight Loss Strategy

I have taken a look at E@L’s strategy.. which involves exercise, as well as dietary strategies such as meal replacements / calorie restrictions / portion control.

I had done all that… and ended up.. H-U-N-G-R-Y

So I shall take a different approach this time.. and if it works… I’ll continue to do this long term...

1) 20 minutes of daily exercise

I start by taking daily brisk walks of 20 minutes. After I go down a few kilograms to, say, 110 kgs, I’ll start increasing the activity levels…

2) Dietary strategies

I shall be going the low-carb route this time… I just can’t stand feeling hungry. I’ve got friends who’ve gone on the Atkins Diet and they tell me that you feel satiated over longer periods of time… with the longer term implication being that you end up eating much less….

So folks, I’ve bared my body… now I need you guys to support both E@L and myself as well endeavour to become healthier…

Oh dude… I’m still trying to get the hang of posting here… so please bear with the lack of links and formatting for now! :o)


Posted by: pc on Feb 07, 06 | 10:52 pm | Profile


test test? Huge Whale Shark seems to be having problems commenting here.

Posted by: pc on Feb 10, 06 | 3:09 am

low-carbs will give you hungry pangs too...unfortunately. plus, it gives you magical mood swings. but alas, you're not a woman so maybe it may not affect you the same way. but sugar-low sure is a dangerous thing to meddle with - makes you feel homicidal and all. I dunno about the atkins but people've been on it end up with health probs - usually heart-related/liver-related but otherwise just general ill-health. I guess it's the imbalance in the dietary intake (gout also follows sometimes from over-consumption of protein in the form of red meats). my take is to eat all categories as per usual, reducing (not cutting out) carb portions and also (of course) reducing fatty intake (no fried food, fast food, processed foods). hey, but am no expert. just trying to spare some encouragement, that's all. give it your all! way to go! (no pun intended) nice profile pic - smooth skin and all! (chuckle) keep it up. when the mind is willing, the body better be. do it and report back.

Posted by: gremlin on Feb 12, 06 | 1:40 pm


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