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Treading Water

Not too much success over the weekend in L2M's battle against his inner demons...

Diet: Still basically sticking with the 2 meals-a-day replacement schema, but seem to be pigging out on the evening meals. Hunger I guess. Saturday was at a friend's place - lasagna extravaganza and extraservanza with even more chicken pasta salad to round it out, and seconds of some sweet creme-caramel type dessert as well. Total carb blowout. Not to mention wine.


Oops, mentioned it. A really nice Pinot Noir from Yarra Valley is available in Tanglin Marketplace. Very drinkable at $38. L2M has had several bottles already this week. Several of which he didn't have to share.

Not tonight though. No, tonight he's on the gin, tonic and bitters. Found the bitters at Tanglin as well. Great stuff! OK, no more alcohol this week. Until drinks with PC on Tuesday or Wednesday...

Foodwise: too much chicken red curry left over from last night - another double serve tonight. It just tastes too fucking good! Truly, L2M can only mete out the ingredients in 2 person sizes otherwise it looks really weird. 15 years habit when Nat was growing up. Something he's gotta work on I guess.

Exercise: except for today - playing with the HiFi all evening - have been continuing the swimming and doing 15 min solid - which is about 600m. Dudes, that's not an insubstantial amount! That's 12 lengths of an Olympic pool... OK, when L2M was surfing he would be paddling against waves and currents for hours on end, but like, that was thirty years ago.

Hang on there, did he say 30? THIRTY YEARS?

Shit, did he when he was 18, L2M was a reasonably passable surfer, doing all the moves that were current at that era - cutbacks, re-entries, tube rides... amazing what we could do on those lumps of balsa...

Waist: Still no measuring tape. Don't think we've dropped many cm in a week. Did drop 2 belt-holes last year, so it can be done.

Weight: 116.4 this morning, but it was a bad weekend.

OK. Let's hear from PC. What's he been up to?



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