L2M and PC's Battle For "Won't" Power

Fri Feb 03, 2006

End Week 1

PC hasnít been able to log-in and join the blog because I didnít tell him how toÖ Great trainer I am. Hopefully will have this sorted soon so you can monitor two fat persons click click click.

Day 7 (incomplete):
Exercise: will do swimming or maybe visit the gym when I get home, unless I get caught shopping and going out for dinnerÖ Maybe Iíll just have some mediocre sushi downstairs. This has been the issue since The Mouse left. I find myself wandering around various eating establishments or fussing in the kitchen if I am cooking myself, until after 9pm and then the pool is shut - or at least the lights are off.
Diet: BF - diet smoothie, Lunch- meal replacement (orange juice based) and some fruit, Dinner: donít know yet, but Iím starving...
Weight: 115.8kg this morning. Bit pointless putting up the weight every day, due to fluctuations. Maybe every Friday, or whenever if I am travelling.

Still havenít found that measuring tape yet.

Day 6:
Exercise: 15 min swimming (~500m) Upped it a bit, getting back into the swing. My peak about 6 months ago was 800m pretty regularly, done in two 10 minutes batches: 5min freestyle with 6 laps of breastroke for a breather, then finish with as many freestyle laps as I can fit in. Rest. Repeat.
Diet: BF - diet smoothie, Lunch - none, Dinner - finished the schnitzel

Day 5 (continued):
Exercise: 10 min swimming (300m) 20min walk to town.
Diet: BF smoothie - theyíre about 400 calories. Otherwise OK except for a lot of oil required for the schniztles, and 1/2 bottle of wine.


[Accidentally posted this to the regular blog, sorry!]

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Wed Feb 01, 2006

Joint Blog!

PC at Me? I'm just passing through has threatened to join the dieting fray and tell the story of his New Year Resolution fiasco success in conjunction with L2M, so I am going to set this up as a communal blog. That way, we can spread interest across a wide spectrum of the obese community of Singapore.

If there are any OTHER fat pigs diet bunnies out there who wish to contribute to this historic project, drop E@L an email or be brave, log-in and post a commment... (easier).

Note: this site is for genuine fattys with a sense of jovial SantaClaus humour: bulemic, anorexic and otherwise psychologically fucked skinny individuals can go elsewhere for their inferred abuse.


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Day5 - Baseline.

Bought the new scales, a glass plate affair, quite cool-looking as the aesthetics of avoirdupois goes, from Soehnle. The same brand my Dr has in her office.

Now it's time to establish a correct baseline. All those years of kidding myself with those crap IKEA scales... Let's strip off and see what the NAKED TRUTH really is...

Speaking of which, someone suggested that I take a series sequential photos of the belly disappearing over the next few months. We'll if I did that I might scare off people from the blog, plus when if I fail it will be even more scary...

What about I post the measurment of my abdominal girth regularly instead. Damn, I should have bough some dressmaker's tape while I was out at Tang's discount sale. So I'll put up the weight today and then tomorrow I'll get the measuring tape.


Day 3:
Exercise: Swimming 10mins. Walked 40 mins (into town for a coffee and back)
Diet: Good: Meal replacement smoothie x 2. Bad:Frappucicino and cookie. Beer at wine at MM/Smoot's while I watched Geisha. That was all I ate for the day. Have bad jet-lag still with insomnia and my appetite is conveniently fucked.

Day 4:
Exercise: Zip :(
Diet: Good: BF smoothie. Bad: It was a "Bad Day at Diet Rock". Went to an all afternoon BBQ at some friends place. Beer, wine, that marinated lamb, sausages(2), baked spud, bread rolls (2), cheese, crackers, dips.

Great afternoon though. Their little girl is 4 and she has recently discovered swearing to attract attention, and in particular is fond of the word "willy". "What's that?" asks one cheeky guest (not me). "It's the thing at the front where boys do wee from. Do you have a willy [E@L]?" she innocently asks. "I don't know! I haven't been able to see down there for a while" says E@L looking at his big tummy... everbody cracks up...

If you REALLY want to see the reason for this, click MORE, below, for the belly shot... Warning: Nauseating Lateral Semi-Nudity!

Day 5 (incomplete):
Exercise: Walk 20mins into town. Going for a swim after I post this.
Diet: BF smoothie. Must eat those veal schnietzels for dinner tonight or they'll go off.


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Sun Jan 29, 2006

Day 2

The Orlistat has already made it's presence felt. I obviously put too much oil in the frypan and used full-cream coconut milk in the prawn and scallop curry last night because, well, you don't need the details...

I am trying to force myself into an exercise routine by making blogging and internet usage in general a REWARD for any calory-burning exertion. So I am blogging because have already done my swimming.

This is going to have require a more dramatic change of lifestyle, to at least some degree. Like getting up earlier and swimming or gymming in the morning before I go to the office, or leaving the office earlier to exercise before dinner and the evening's computer festivites. This latter plan would require me getting to the office on time for a change or risk further (silent, unstated) opprobrium from my colleagues who no doubt are already pissed off with me coming in at 10am as it is... I'm supposed to be there at 8:45 but I have fuck all to do in the office. It's dead time, quite often.

I generally leave the office after 6pm to make up for my late entrance, while the poeple who get there on time ALSO leave after 6, so my manganimous gesture is hardly appreciated. Another reason I leave late is that I don't get productive until about 4pm. By 6 I am flying along in whatever work-related task has my attention, like researching vascular or obstetric medicine on the internet as background for a training session.

Mine is primarily a "clinical" job. If I am not training visitors in the office then, apart from researching and writing Powerpoints, I only really do any work when visiting the customers. As I have a regional role, not a local one, I can't just call in on the Singapore hospitals and clinics without the Singapore distributor coming along with me, and they might be busy doing real work. So I sit in the office until inspiration or rapidly approaching deadlines shift my butt.

And I need to shift it more if am to reduce its girth, right?

I hope soon to get my swimming back to the full 20 minutes (800-900m in two 10min bursts) I was doing a few months after I started the previous incarnation of this health kick last year.

Mind you it was a lot easier last year, as I had The Mouse cooking low-fat meals for me for the first few months. I can only cook for two, and only know rich and high-calorie recipies - either that or I eat out. I did lose quite a lot in those first months last year, maybe 12 kgs, and people were commenting on my improvement.

But I need to break the triple figure barrier...

Can I overcome my limitations, my appetite for good food, my dislike of effort and exercise, my laziness?

Exercise: 10min swimming. Will go to the gym later this evening when it cools down.

Diet: so far today...
Good: - Herbalife meal replacement; powdered protein in an orange juice, yoghurt and banana smoothie for breakfast.
Bad: - 2 pieces of wholemeal toast with butter (the really bad part) and vegemite (too much salt). The toast, even though it is wholemeal, is bad because the meal replacement is meant to be a... meal replacement. No need for toast...


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Sat Jan 28, 2006


Desperate situations require desperate measures, and one of the measuring devices I am considering is a buying new set of proper and accurate scales and dumping these IKEA shite ones which measure differently depending upon whether I lean to the left or the right...

image image

So to set the temproary baseline for the kaygees until the new scales arrive - let's call it 115kgs. That is a modest estimate, the Dr's scales say 118kg.

So. Plus I am pulling out some tablets I have stored from a few years ago - the lipase obstructor Orlistat, aka Zenical. Side-effects? From bitter if not sour experience, if you eat too much fat you will shit your pants on a regular basis. Little runny orange stains of undigested fat/oil trickling out through your sphincter without you being aware. Excellent ;( No wonder I paid The Mouse so well. I have about 2 weeks supply.

It used to be only available by prescription but in the States as of just recently I believe you can buy it over the counter. Not sure about Singapore, but certainly it will be available as a generic very soon in Thailand and Malaysia where no-one gives a rats-arse about patent laws.

Today's Exercise: 10 minutes swimming (about 300 metres) Doesn't sound like much, but it had me out of breath...


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