Singafuckedpore: Redux #456,768

I only just caught up about the Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi case. The then 19 year old Nigerian star junior soccer player came over to Singapore to try out for Singapore youth teams. Someone gave him what he appears to genuinely have believed were "herbal medicine" to deliver...

Turns out to the medicines contained 727g of "diamorphine" - the legal name for medical grade heroin.

Despite requets for clemency from the Nigerian Government, and the view by "the United Nations' special investigator for extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions... that Singapore would be violating international legal standards on the use of the death penalty", he was hanged last week, and so was Okeke Nelson Malachy, 35, for having "abetted" the crime.

The death penalty - for Tochi's trusting ignorance.

How this could possibly act a deterrent is beyond me.

It's just murder.

I feel sick.

And it's uniquely Singaporean not to give a rat's arse.

Singablooodypore, which I sadly haven't been keeping up with lately, has heaps more of course, also criticising also the Singapore blogosphere for not giving a rat's arse.

No surprise there. Singaporeans give rat's hindquarters only about shopping, eating and sex.

"... you can be certain as the sun rises tomorrow, that you will never be free, you will never enjoy a democracy, you will be forever ruled by this dictator and his family, you will never be able to express yourself freely, you will forever only read propaganda, you will never be able to congregate and discuss views as free men. In short you will die as slaves, which you are now anyway." SingaporeDissident.


OK, I'm gonna ring that head-hunter and get out of here.

[Addendum: pertinent quote from Hemlock (the Jan 16th entry, made prior to the Tochi hanging) - "unless we want to know how to hang people with more dignity than Iraq, there is little Singapore can teach Hong Kong."

On the plane I watched a movie about Truman Capote, Infamous, which showed the hangings of Smith and Hickock, the In Cold Blood killers. Nothing appeared dignified when it took Hickock 30 mins to slowly suffocate at the end of his rope.]



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 30, 07 | 4:40 am | Profile


Agree with your sentiments but a couple o corrections from other bloggers who appear to be far more up to speed on the case than you appear to be! By no stretch of imagination was he a junior soccer star, he had no soccer trials arranged in Singapore, his non refundable return airticket was dated for 3 days after his arrival, he expected to be paid $2000 for his herbal medicine. He was just another ignorant guy who got hopelessly out of his depth by trying to make some quick bucks and it cost him his life

Posted by: chusan01 on Jan 30, 07 | 10:39 pm

Way behind speed as per usual! In fact I don't read many other Singaporean blogs, so that's only to be expected. This is not a journalism blog, just a personal rant-space.

So, to my thinking, killing even a complicit drug courier deters nobody from nuttin'.

A 19 old Nigerian is going to know nada about Singaporean laws when making a decison to try and earn some cash... What are the drug laws of Nigeria? Do we know? How would we even find out?

Few people in the world know anything about Singapore, and even fewer care. How would he know about Singaporean laws? How would he find out?

And of course the drug lords remain untouched by this. That's a fact. They'll still be driving around in their Mercedes SUVs and meeting with senior ministers... Singapore still encourages investments and dealings with Myanmar whose major cash income, once from rice, is now from illegal heroin production, shipped via Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Government sanctioned murder remains murder. And it fails as a deterrent, we know this at least against murder. According to the stats on that site I linked to:

"Average of murder rates among death penalty states in 2005: 5.3
Average of murder rates among non-death penalty states in 2005: 2.8"

Also, if you are religious, you might look in the Bible and find that is doesn't say "Though shalt not kill, mostly."

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 31, 07 | 8:14 am

What E @ L said.

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jan 31, 07 | 6:43 pm


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