Tokyo Cold

Hey, Japan has made some remarkable technological strides in the 7 months since E@L was last here!

OK, I mean A (one) real stride. The "business hotel" (where the room is marginally larger than his coffin will be) E@L is staying at, while it still uses a 1980's stamping device to take a credit card imprint (at least it TAKES credit cards), now not only has in-room Internet, but it is FREE! Wonders never cease! Hence this post! And maybe more over the next few days...

Everything else is the same, in the same ever-changing, untranslatably lost way.

From the weird bouffant-haired guys in formal suits with overlarge tie-knots and their matching bouffant-haired, deeply tanned, deeply made-up gangaru-fashionista companionistas in fur-lined jackets who comb the train-stations and environs... Yep, they're still here and still unexplained to my satisfaction. E@L'd already worked out what made the guys appear so strange at first glance - they've plucked their eyebrows, some totally...

From the knock-kneed, thick-thighed school-girls (and their kogaru imitators) in super-short mini-skirts, knee-high super-size socks (held-up with super-glue, we are informed), thick blue woollen jackets and Burberry scarves. Their bare thighs made immune to sleet and icy wind due to the protective insulation of peer-group acceptance...

From the trilby-wearing hyper-individuals and Goth-Lolitas, Hello-Kitty and Anime character cosplay imitators... so thoroughly and entertainingy documented at Masamania. Individualist and fashion tribalism - please explain the inherent contradiction.

From the Starbucks or Coffee shop clones on every corner...


Speaking of which, it is freaking cold here. E@L hit Narita airport at 7º in just a shirt and immediately started sneezing. This has not stopped. Neither has the temperature risen any noticeable amount. E@L's brain is (again) turning to runny microbe-rich snot and leaking through the olfactory foramina of the cribriform plate (which is why you can't taste or smell properly when you are sick) and out his nostrils...

I used to believe that a cold, like HIV-AIDS and leptospirosis, could only be obtained through an infected someone sneezing in your general direction, or by letting some lady-boy bonk you anal-wise just for the thrill of it ("nailed to the floor with an effervescent spear" {or something like that} said Leonard Cohen of a good ass-fucking - I wouldn't know about that myself) while you share dirty I-V needles, or by drinking rat-urine in flood-ravaged Malaysia.

But, yes indeed, what would I know about these things?

No-one sneezed at me or touched me with snotty fingers or deep-throated me with rhinoviral agents, at least not that I am aware of. In the classic manner, usually dismissed by scientists and Wikipedia authors, it seems I CAN get a common cold (acute nasopharyngitis) merely by being chilled, suddenly cold. The discredited experiment whereby people who had their corks feet soaked in cold water developed symptoms of a cold more frequently than those who didn't soak seems to resonate perfectly with my cork-soaking experience.

Truly, when I am outside (rugged-up now in thermal undershirt, polyester wind-cheater, Driza-bone jacket, and scarf {Burberry of course}) in the Tokyo wind looking for a Starbucks or coffee shop clone, I feel like shit and I sneeze and sneeze. When I come back to my room with a Grande Double Mocha Macchiata, a chocolate donut and a chocolate CHUNK cookie, I feel much, much better, although the nose still runs between mouthfuls and I still sneeze and sneeze as I nidificate unrelentingly with the last of the hotel's tissues... But I don't feel so shit.

Please explain - chocolate, comfortable warmth and emotional reassurance, the association...



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 17, 07 | 5:22 pm | Profile


Actually it was pretty warm till you got here. This week has been brutal in terms of tempature wise.

Go to What the Dickens in Ebisu (Hibiya line) and you can chill out with good tunes and good beer though!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jan 19, 07 | 1:04 pm

It's cold but it's a dry cold...

Won't hve free time for that Skippy-san, sorry. Must work work work in the office till late then go and get roaring drunk on sake with the guys from same office, and then finally go home, reading pronographic manga on the train and bash the wife till she gives me totally inadequate sex.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 19, 07 | 10:16 pm

Welcome to my world!

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jan 22, 07 | 9:02 am

Hi Phil. Hope the skinny muscle is developing, good luck with the skiing, I just did 3 days in France and my legs were dead afterwards. Actually more like 1 day and 2 half days with some beer stops along the way.
I had some beers in Bangkok airport on the way back as i changed flights. Reminded me of Hua Hin and how good it is to drink beer on a hot day.

Posted by: The Bludger on Jan 23, 07 | 7:48 pm


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