- Too thin! said Dr Bones. Much too thin!

He was probing E@L's thigh with medical thoroughness and an unamused look. E@L, however, smiled. It just sounded funny as no-one had ever had cause to say that before. Not even dissatisfied lovers (short but thick is OK, it's a volume thing with love appendages, surely).

- This muscle, the quadriceps, has wasted away too much! Too thin! That's why your knee-cap is popping and clicking. Patella's sitting at a good angle, but it needs more muscle support while you move.

He frowned a little. He has a little head so E@L guesses he can't really frown too much, can he?

- You need to do a lot more exercise, more hard work in the gym. Must build up the thigh to keep your patella tight, stop your knee wobbling, that feeling of instability. 20 leg-raises, medium weight, 3 times - that's 60 reps. Not too straight with the knee though, and not too bent. OK? Can you do that?

- Err, um, sure! Haven't been at home to use the gym, I've been on holiday all this time - which reminds me can I have...?

- MC? OK, I'll write one now. 2 weeks OK? [Indeed, that covers the Christmas holidays nicely!] Also double the dose of glucosamine. Sell you some more. Right. And knee-bends - not too deep. Lots. Work on those thighs. I expect to see lots of muscle there next time. See you in two months - work hard in the gym now!

- Yes, boss! says E@L, limping out - it always hurts when you think about it.

First chance he got E@L looked at the Medical Certificate and was shocked to read "OA".

Osteo-arthritis? That's an old person's disease! E@L is still a young buck, at least he will be still only forty-something until mid-year.

Damn the man. Yet another agenbite of inwit. Yet another prod at the mortality sore-spot.

And all those Doctorly comments certainly reinforced the harassment E@L had received about "more thigh work required", prior to a planned ski-trip to Mittersill in Austria come mid-March, from his potential ski-instructors over NYE in Bali. However just an hour's walking on those dodgy paths on Jalan Legian had meant a ballooning knee that night, as it had done on hectic Christmas day.

Also, E@L did a quick ultrasound scan on the back of his knee prior to visiting the Doc and it showed a very small Baker's cyst. This is not caused by too much bread, but it is a bursitis that builds up with fluid between the hamstrings and calf-muscle in the back of the knee. It is associated with that dreaded OA, too. And with, surprise surprise, meniscal cartilage tears.

All of which restricted E@L's desire to move around too much over the past month post the arthroscopy, and that is why the muscle has wasted.

Will hit the anti-inflammatories to try and reduce the bursitis and hit the gym to build up the muscle... [Why am I telling you all this? Do you really care?]


The work schedule is currently dovetailing nicely with the social plan. From next Tuesday, E@L will be away the rest of January in Tokyo and Montreal - coming back via New York on the world's longest non-stop flight.

Nothing much booked in February yet anticipating a fair wack of time in Thailand - still waiting updates on some of our systems in Bangkok, Phuket and Samui - damn going there FOR WORK again! Not a SWIFT tour however but something more tough - installation training.

Then in March there'll be two weeks in Jakarta (yuck) followed by the week skiing in Austria.

Maybe another week in Jakarta after that, capped by Rugby7s again in Hong Kong for the end of the month. That'll make 10 R7s in a row!

And, if Thailand goes ahead, something like 20 days in Singapore for the first three months of the year! You can't argue with that!


And here's a photo of serious Ankle Fill with a very serious Knees Ana, doing some serious scoping out of the tourist low-lights before jumping a taxi in Bali last week.


Note: the two small red marks in the front of E@L's right knee from the arthroscopy...

Note: also how skinny E@L looks...

Note: NOT!



Posted by: expat@large on Jan 12, 07 | 5:45 pm | Profile


Do we care? Of course we do, well some one must surely?

Hope you manage to get what is due to you from me via t'other one before you leave the country next.

Posted by: Mia on Jan 12, 07 | 8:47 pm

What an adorable picture! I burst out laughing when I saw the expression on your

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Jan 13, 07 | 12:43 am

Mia: he must have eaten them hisself.

exVPS: Little Ana's expressions is the killer. You pull all these the funny faces for her and try and amuse her and all she gives you is this "what the fuck is *WRONG* with you big people?" look. It breaks me up every time.

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 13, 07 | 1:04 am

Also, I may be overweight, but at least I don't have 2 elbow creases (her left arm) like Ana!

Posted by: expat@large on Jan 13, 07 | 1:34 am

Hmmm, that doesn't sound like him. Maybe they got lost on the way.

Posted by: Mia on Jan 13, 07 | 8:21 am

the baby looks like a DOLL!!! so cute!!!!

Posted by: The Ivy on Jan 13, 07 | 10:00 pm

promise you will live forever, promise!

It's a very dangerous thing to ask people in public if they care. Much safer to assume they don't. the cunts

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Jan 14, 07 | 11:24 am

See so when I invite you out for beers and pizza I am merely looking after your health and helping you follow your doctors advice.

Posted by: Indiana on Jan 15, 07 | 1:36 pm

I swear. I DID NOT say that you were thick and short.

Posted by: Hairydonut2 on Jan 15, 07 | 2:15 pm

ehem, you are think and short?


Posted by: T on Jan 16, 07 | 3:19 pm


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