Holy Brass Monkeys

Cancel Dubai E@L, they need you Manila for 4 days, then in Japan for 2 days, and then in Montreal for 3 days... in January... on one trip...

Can anyone comprehend the difficulties of *PACKING* for such a journey?

January Average Weather (Celsius)

Manila 30max 22min 20mm rain
Tokyo 9max 1min 54mm rain
Montreal -9max -15min 65mm snow

(Sorry can't do HTML tables)

This one would even stump The Mouse, my excellent packing ex-maid.



Posted by: expat@large on Dec 16, 06 | 12:59 am | Profile


yes, i can.
here's what you do: 5 of the 9 days are winter weather...so pack for that. while in the warmest climate plan on 5 shirts and 2 pair of mid weight slacks that you alternate wearing. take 2 pair of winter weight pants for the rest of the trip. 2 pullover sweaters (jumpers) or vests for the cold. carry your winter coat/trench coat on board the plane. you can layer the sweaters/vest over the shirts for warmth. and pack a scarf for your neck. and of course, all your cute little undies *S* and use the hotel laundry in manila, they can have your shirts done overnight.

how's that? *helpful*

Posted by: savannah on Dec 16, 06 | 7:30 am

Gone all ultrapractical on us eh Sav?

But what about a) the swimming gear, sun hat, shaorts and hawaiian shirts, b) the skiing gear, thick parkas, goggles and thermals?

And I have never experienced anything colder than -3, on the top of Whistler in a gale.

How big is my suitcase?

You're right about laundry - the two days in Japan plus a day either side for travel will be laundry free so I should makes sure I have shirts done in Manila.

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 16, 06 | 10:11 am

I do have my black greatcoat that I had made for those Korea winters when I used to go there a lot. I'll need a matching beanie now though.

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 16, 06 | 10:13 am

yeah, ultrapractical...that's my capricorn nature..and having had to pack for a husband and 4 children...

re: additional clothing
a) pack some trunks and a shirt, no cares if you wear the same stuff twice
b) are you REALLY going skiing?

-9 is bearable, if you're dressed warmly *been there, done that* beanie & gloves are a good thing

you crack me up, dude! *w*

Posted by: savannah on Dec 16, 06 | 10:41 am

Not a problem, E@L.

I have tried snowmobiling in -13 degrees Celsius (from Rochester, MN to Winnipeg), dressed in nothing but a long-sleeved T-shirt and jeans.

From my experience, I can tell you that it hurts for the first fifteen minutes. After that, you (or rather your body) won't feel a thing.

Of course, you will have a peculiar feeling that your head/brain feels extremely cold (as if everything up there has frozen over. And it should have, if you are attempting such stupid feats [as I did]).

But look at the bright side of it. Apart from a couple of frostbites (and probably a serious case of hypothermia), you don't have to worry about anything. Not even your packing.

So, have we solved your problem? And if so, just pack lightly.


PS: I wasn't sick after the ride. I just felt *nasty* as hell.

Posted by: Ron on Dec 31, 06 | 5:28 pm


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