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Bloody OCBC! Bloody Singapore Air!

When I was using the HSBC in Hong Kong, if I had an incoming transfer of a foreign currency, they would automatically create a Foreign Currency Deposit account for those funds. It was, like I said, automatic.

Then you can watch the FX market and transfer accross when the exchange rate is appropriate. All of which you can do online .

Here in Ultrabureaucracypore, the OCBC just transfers the incoming money into your SGD account without query unless you have previously set up one of those FCDs. And to set them up you will have to go into one of the branches, with ID, hobbling in on your "stay off your knee" post surgery leg... Fuckers.

Shit - I just checked - they transferred an incoming HK$160k at a terrible exchange rate on Wednesday to give me S$31,245. The exchange rate is currently the lowest is has been all year! If the transfer had been done in January, I would have received S$34,258.


As the HK dollar is pegged to the USD, which is woefully weak and volatile (more like dead - what am I saying 'volatile'? It sounds like I know what I am talking about is why!) at the moment, I've really been screwed over on this. I was hoping to keep it all in the original currency for the moment until the GBW dynasty is out of office and confidence returns with Hilary running the world.

Shit shit shit. I've lost as much on this transfer as the differential from the insurance rebate for my knee operation.

Not happy.


Plus I can't get a BC upgrade on my flight next week... Squashed knee for 8 hours. Shit shit shit.

Not happy.

No post-anaesthetic euphoria here at E@L GHQ.



Posted by: expat@large on Dec 15, 06 | 9:43 am | Profile


oh you poor dear.
anyways, get well soon. would come and say hi with beer if im welcomed. hehe.



Posted by: T on Dec 15, 06 | 12:21 pm

Come around and PROVE you're not lesbian? - that's the best offer I've heard all week!

We thinkest thou protesteth too much re this lesbo thing.

I'm ok maid is coming this afternoon to minister to my needs

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 15, 06 | 12:38 pm

i think i've got it...but you'll have to look where you last teased me....


Posted by: savannah on Dec 15, 06 | 2:49 pm

even with a bum knee? did you try crying?

Posted by: savannah on Dec 16, 06 | 12:43 am


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