Alive Alive-O

Came of the operating theatre mostly intact. A chuck of my medial meniscus has gone to some incinerator out the back...

No golf for a while. No stairs (the doctor ordered me to take the lift - excellent!) And shit, no business class upgrade yet for the trip to Melbounre next week. This last sad fact is unrelated to the operation.


Potentially Funny Story: After I was admitted, the anaesthetist read the chart wrongly. She came in to greet me, expecting so see 124cm tall 177kg beach-ball-shaped person. She was pleasantly surprised to find the numbers were the other way around, and that I was merely beer-belly obese and not pathologically deformed.

I will laugh about this only when I stop worrying about all the other things she might have misread as well.


OK, still a bit groggy. Need to lie down. And damn, there was no pre-med!

But still alive.

Thanks for your thoughts, those of you capable of higher brain functions.



Posted by: expat@large on Dec 14, 06 | 7:36 pm | Profile


take care gorgeous!!! Shame about the lack of pethidene!!!!!

Hope to catch up in Melbourne!

Posted by: oldfriend on Dec 14, 06 | 8:45 pm

Good to know you made it home.

Posted by: Mia on Dec 14, 06 | 9:34 pm

Glad to hear you're okay. Take care of yourself, hun.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Dec 14, 06 | 9:45 pm

damn ... locked out!

Posted by: markeast on Dec 14, 06 | 10:53 pm

Oh -- meant to say - take it easy - you have a good excuse.

Posted by: markeast on Dec 14, 06 | 10:58 pm

...and a comment on your long lost civilization ... er .. comments.. do you make a link here???

Posted by: markeast on Dec 14, 06 | 11:05 pm

So the nurses did not live up to the fantasy huh?

Posted by: Indiana on Dec 15, 06 | 7:05 am

you're in the best state of mind to read pynchon! glad you're ok...

Posted by: savannah on Dec 15, 06 | 8:55 am

Jen: arriving Tuesday. Will call.

Mia: slept for 10hrs.

xVPS - shall do, ta.

Mark - you need computer traing so urgently... but thanks...

Indy - And the nurses were not HOT. Even the "Relief:sexual Sub-class: oral " clause of my Medical Insurance would refuse to pay.

Sav - it would all make sense, in some unfolding of the plot convolutions. doors of perception way! Did you see that media-whore Pynchon was on the Simpsons? AGAIN!

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 15, 06 | 9:09 am

Just saw this and glad to know it went well. When does it return to normal?

Posted by: knobby on Dec 19, 06 | 12:19 am


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