Changes At Gaddi's?

Speaking of Chefs, when E@L was in HK recently for a friend's 50th birthday party (don't YOU just jump across to HK for a party? - if you had E@L's frequent flier points program and his outstadning social connections you would!) at The Jockey Club in Happy Valley, he was seated next to the head chef of one of the best restaurants in the whole freaking world - Philip Sedgwick, of Gaddi's in the Peninsular.

(BTW E@L has never eaten at Gaddi's. His ill-gotten riches don't extend *that* far...)

Philip just happened to mention how the plethora of new casinos opening in Macau was making life awkward for him. Not because of the high-class competition, but because of all the job offers he was getting from people with HUGE BAGS OF MONEY trying to outdo each for culinary kudos... Naturally his prominent gastronomic head is one that has been keenly hunted.

And just following up on The Peninsular Wikipedia entry (as you do) E@L was less than surprised to find out that there is a new head chef at Gaddi's!

Wonder if Phil took up one of those "too good to refuse" offers?

One from the Rumour Mill @ E@L


Whoops, cancel all that speculation, at least for the moment. As soon as he posted this E@L's memory fired up a few extra revolutions - Phil has not been Executive Chef for a while now, so the appointment of David Goodridge is not a new thing. How Out of Touch is E@L! Phil has been promoted to Restaurant Manager for the whole Peninsular, or somesuch really important title like that...

That doesn't mean he isn't seriously thinking about moving to Macau to chase the chips. And once the Sentosa IR open up, he might even be tempted to come here! We can live in hope!



Posted by: expat@large on Dec 11, 06 | 4:52 pm | Profile


another place to enjoy a good meal? great, i'll add it to the HUGE list of places to make sure i visit *s*...making a list of great restaurants for YOU in the states

Posted by: savannah on Dec 12, 06 | 11:26 am

ME in the States? - now you are really fantasizing...

Does not interest me in the least - how many different types of grilled roadkill restaurants can you *have*? Plus I read Fast Food Nation and My Year Of Meat. Eeeerrrr, pass on the hamburger.

OK maybe pretty definitely I'd go to New York. OK maybe some Irish or modern jazz bars in Boston. OK maybe antediluvian New Orleans. But not going back to Las Vegas, that's 4 shore, speaking of casinos. Not going to Georgia to look for contract killers while munching on chitlins and grits (p.s. my uncle was a lecturer at USC).

However I may be in Canada in the near future for work. There is something aboot BBQed moose; mmm, antlers, is there nothing they can't do, eh?

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 12, 06 | 11:44 am

composing the list...

"....prepare to die!"


ps. commander's palace in new orleans aka nola

pps. never in my life have i eaten chittlins! *gagging at just typing the word* grits? good eating, sir! if you like polenta or couscous, you'll like grits.

pps. who told you about my work? and there is only ONE usc: university of southern california....(south carilina can kiss mah trojan)

Posted by: savannah on Dec 12, 06 | 9:31 pm

South Caree-line-eye-yay it was!

Movie - At first I thought. Bladerunner. Leon to Deckard. Nothing worse than having an itch you can never scratch - but not thta was "Time to die".

The excellent and magnificent Mandy Patinkin: "My name is something Montoya. You killed my fuzzer. Prepare to die."

Princess Bride - why don't you just give me a paper-cut and pour lemon juice on it?

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 12, 06 | 10:35 pm

aww, come's a cute movie *smiling* and you saw it *L*

Posted by: savannah on Dec 12, 06 | 11:45 pm


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