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Spray-On Condoms Should Be Tested in Bangkok

Interesting concept, but would it work for those pissed old codgers in Soi Cowboy who optimistically take some PLA (© Pert Little Arse) back to their $12 an hour a night room only to find they can't get up to full-steam... Even with Viagra, erectile dysfunction isn't always overcome, to coin a phrase.

The traditional and maybe futile sausage stuffing session which would ordinarily ensue as Ms PLA (©) tries desperately (and uninterestedly as the same time) to earn her cash, would have a new turn. Instead, she might squirt on some liquid latex onto the less than tumescent lax member only to find as the tough get going and blood FINALLY starts to pump where it should, that the customised condom's elasticity may not be sufficient to contain the full monty. Condom breaks: HIV, other STDs, pregnancy, you name it...

Just a bit of boggling for your mind this fine (overcast) morning.



Posted by: expat@large on Dec 07, 06 | 9:17 am | Profile


this is the type of post that makes me hate the time difference...*L*...it might be morning for YOU, but it's almost bedtime for me...and i REALLY didn't need that "bit of boggling" for my mind!

note to self: do not read e@l before going to bed!

Posted by: savannah on Dec 07, 06 | 11:00 am

I really can't see this as being popular...it's a bit too much like shrink wrapping the package.

Posted by: Indiana on Dec 07, 06 | 11:27 am

Indy: But what's important is that I got the PLA(©) in thing before you did, ergo it's mine! You hate me now, don't you? Admit it... I'm the winner!

OK it was a joint idea the blokes had at the pub on Sunday, I'm not going to an Ian McEwan on you...

Sav: read E@L but don't get into shouting matches before you go to bed

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 07, 06 | 11:36 am


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