Knees Up

I shouldn't be laughing, as the MRI confirmed the horizontal tear in the posterior horn of my medial meniscus that was initially suspected. Thinking back, it was more probably when I fell UPSTAIRS and stubbed my toe than just playing golf. There was no *incident* during the golf game at all. It just started to swell up a coupla days later, so it a case of bad logic - post hoc ergo propter hoc - for blaming the golf. Most likely I did the initial damage on the stair and merely aggravated it with all the twisting of the golf.

Dr Bones says it will need an arthroscopy to attempt a repair - however it may not be repairable. Estimated cost of this uncertainty: - $8k. Maximum Health Insurance Coverage: - $5k. Damn I hate that sort of discrepancy.

The planned golf game in Bali may be cancelled due to a) pain of recuperation and b) lack of funds.

I'll still go there (have already paid for the flight!) and just lie by the pool, reading, sipping a G&T while a semi-naked nymph ministers to my every sensual physiotherapeutic need.

Reading: January will be a 'J' month just as December is a 'D' month - DeLillo (starting on Underworld, again), Dostoevsky, Clive Cussler Demosthenes and Didion. Only authors with a J in their name: umm - Joyce, Jones (the movie of "From Here to Maternity" was on the SIA in-flight movies - expat in tropical clime gets c*ntstruck over hooker - now THERE'S a theme I can work with!), Clive Cussler Jelinek, Jose Rizal, etc... (there must be more!) That's at least one way of working through the ever-growing library.


But what I was laughing at was coupla quotes from Gore Vidal:

"[t]here is not one human problem that could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise."

He called Ronald Reagan a

"triumph of the embalmer's art."

[t]here is only one party in the United States, the Property Party . . . and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. Republicans are a bit stupider, more rigid, more doctrinaire in their laissez-faire capitalism than the Democrats, who are cuter, prettier, a bit more corrupt — until recently . . . and more willing than the Republicans to make small adjustments when the poor, the black, the anti-imperialists get out of hand. But, essentially, there is no difference between the two parties."

Ah, so good.



Posted by: expat@large on Dec 05, 06 | 1:08 pm | Profile


Have you actually ever read Cussler? ~grin~

Posted by: Indiana on Dec 06, 06 | 5:03 am

I so admire people who select intellectually stimulating movies for in-flight entertainment.

Me, I went straight for "The Making Of Debbie Does Dallas".

Posted by: Hairydonut2 on Dec 06, 06 | 9:11 am

Interview with Harry Reems? Or was that DeepTonsils?

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 06, 06 | 9:43 am

Indy: reading Cussler would deprive me of two things: a) my sanity (I have no credibility) and b) a good running gag.

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 06, 06 | 11:02 am

So basically your idea of eternal purgatory (if you believed in such) would be a library full of nothing save the books of Clive Cussler?

Posted by: Indiana on Dec 07, 06 | 8:36 am

I suppose I'll have to be the one who fills in the gaps of your knowledge (if that is the word) of religous cul-de-sacs, but purgatory is, by definition, a TEMPORARY thing. Like the notoriety of Clive Cussler...

To say "eternal purgatory' is a contradiction in terms. An oxymoron - twisted defintion of which: a stupid welder.

'God' I'm funny sometimes.

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 07, 06 | 9:00 am


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