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Busy Weekend Coming Up

True, the weekend is looking busy for me, what about you?

Some friends, including VPS who is about to depart these sunny/hot/humid/rainy climes for sunny/hot/with-a-Southerly-buster Sydney and its social whirl (sssSOOooo jealous!) and maybe David (my friend who had Guillain-Barré syndrome earlier this year), are coming over for dinner or at least drinks. At least maybe.

Yes, I would have invited you all (you individuals know who I mean) but there are only 6 chairs and it started off as just drinks for VPS and her man and then I foolishly said I'd cook something and now I've gone overboard getting ready to make too much and then inviting other people to come and share and so I've probably put the mozz on the whole thing and now no-one will come and I'll have 20 spring rolls to eat by myself and the diet will go out the window again... (p.s. lost 2kgs this week, by not eating. Sure to find them again this weekend.)

Yes Rambeaux, I'm cooking your/my favorite calorifically indulgent Thai/Cambodian meal - coconut curry a la Kelvinator (whatever is in the fridge so long as it is chicken, prawns, cucumber and cashews all in thick green curry mix with steamed bok choy), also a big pot of larb moo/gai - the spicy pork/chicken salad you wrap in cabbage leaves and some spring rolls as mentioned... and I spent $200 on wine tonight in case someone gets thirsty - don't freak that's only 4 bottles in Singapore - including a brilliant Bannockburn chardonnay from my home town. Yeah chardonnay is not a trendy drink right now, but with this curry of mine, it will be sublime.

And I hope there will be no huge world-wide disasters brought on by my cooking, as per usual!

Thinking ahead like an Aussie, I bought some extra beers as well, and I've now got so much raw materials to squeeze into the fridge that I've had to call up refrigerating reserves and kick-start the spare old fridge from HK that's been sitting idle in the second bedroom, just for all the drinks. Experts out there may wonder how well the fridge will work after not having been turned on since it was in HK with me some 2.5 years ago... Me too. Hopefully there's enough gas in the compressor to chill the champers, wine, beer and mixers.

I think I mentioned to someone that we'd be playing drunken scrabble (challenge someone and be wrong; you scull, they're wrong; they scull) , so I had to go and buy a board in case someone took me seriously... Coincidentally there was something I read recently about professional scrabble - where was that, in some in-flight mag? It was great story? Now I don't usually play board games, other than the odd chess match. I don't even play any computer games either, let alone waste my hard-earned on PS3.

But I do play golf. There's definitely a game on Saturday morning (oh my head!) at the new Marina Park GC, where the bunkers are all like entrances to the 6th level of hell, but the fairways are in lush condition and the greens pretty true... Try not to put 4 balls in the water at the island green 6th this time E@L!

And then I'm off to a ball at the British Chamber of Commerce on Saturday night, so I get to wear the new tux again! The theme is "Shaken Not Stirred" - can't for the life of my think why they figured on that as a good theme. WTF are they referring to?


Let me predict the future:-

Sunday is going to be one of those "holy fuck, I'm ill, I can't get of bed" days again...


My social life in Singapore is finally starting to get going - touch tree-based substance. Turning on the spare fridge is a sign of that I guess. It's only taken 29 months.

p.s. the friend of mine in HK that I stayed with when I went for the party earlier this month has three bottles of vodka in her freezer and only wine and chocolate in the fridge part. I kid you not.



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 30, 06 | 10:39 pm | Profile


Looking forward to tomorrow. =)

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Nov 30, 06 | 11:05 pm

nothing as exciting as yours! marginally jealous, as i haven't hosted a dinner party in ages *gawdawful scheduling problems*
(why do i suddenly feel as if .... )

but i digress...


Posted by: savannah on Dec 01, 06 | 12:30 am

So basically you plan to turn off your food fridge and just utilise your grog-fridge from now on, is that what I hear ~grin!~

Sounds like you have planned for the cast of Ben Hur?

Posted by: Indiana on Dec 01, 06 | 5:13 am

Smaller than Ben Hur, bigger than Before Sunset.

I've got the part-time maid in to do the spring rolls. She's never done Thai food before. Could be a mystery meal.

I could put the grog fridge in "the shed" and be a real bloke!

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 01, 06 | 7:41 am

You should check out my fridge than, i have 6cans of diet coke, 6 cans of beer,1 bottle of red wine and facial creams and vitamins in my fridge and nothing else in my freezer.
I am pathetic. :/


ps: came here from Indiana blog..

Posted by: T on Dec 01, 06 | 2:27 pm

T: Red wine in the fridge? OMG! You better get back to Indy's blog and stay there!

Only joking!!

Actually, I might consider giving some red bottles a bit of a chill in anticipation of tonight, just to freshen them up... I should really buy a proper wine fridge. Christmas present to myself?

Mine REAL fridge has a thousand different condiments and nibbles and no food. Maybe some vaguely evil-smelling vegetable soup-like material coagulating in the bottom tray, left over from the last time I cooked.

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 01, 06 | 5:52 pm


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