Bored at work and Googling my name, a very dangerous thing to do sometimes, I came across a response from Xenoboy a few months ago, to a comment I made, paraphrasing William Blake, accusing him of malarkey.

You know, I've had it up to here with this Xenoboy malarkey. I haven't understood a single word you've said since I read you,





Later on XB replied but I missed it at the time:

to E@L : you question my malarkey?!?!? haha, you the most sophisticated peddler of lies, lies about an extravagant expat lifestyle, lies of a philistine self, lies of sexual indulgence of the paid formats, lies of an uncouth imperialistic white man except when your lies shade into truths, when you write a beach in hua hin into life, when you write a fleeting window into the desperate lives of working girls in agogo pattaya, in wanchai HK and their search for just some happiness ... i forgive your lies white man! hahaha :D

I'll take all that a compliment, or am I lying again?

I was trying to put that up as a "Pithy Remark" on my sidebar, but a) it's rather prolix and b) of late I have been excluded from my ftp server! WTF!



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 30, 06 | 1:09 pm | Profile


You have too much time on your hands.*grin*

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Nov 30, 06 | 3:54 pm

better a response like that than seeing the word "sustainability" being used by ones own self in an article *sigh*

Posted by: savannah on Nov 30, 06 | 6:35 pm

It's my dream to be quoted on the sidebar ~grin~

But then I think small when it comes to dreams.

Posted by: Indiana on Nov 30, 06 | 8:26 pm

Ex VPS - too true. I DO have work but I've been contemplating delaying my pauses until I'm in the mood to consider procrasitinating.

Sav - that's unsustainble!

Indy - lift your game: dream big and you might just make it to the side-bar one day.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 30, 06 | 10:51 pm

*chalk it up to over-medication*

just read "this sunday's sermon: sustainability and rejection of growth" aug 28, 05

i am no longer in that field...*hysterically laughing*

Posted by: savannah on Dec 02, 06 | 9:38 am


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