GMail Spam Filter Issues with Spam, Egg, Sausage and Spam

It does not have much spam in it, but what is a real pain in the stuffed chicken is that my Gmail Spam Folder has been filling up with "new member" registrations and "site postings" to the blog!

It seems that cannot set-up the Gmail filter to detect words in a Subject Heading and have them marked as "Not Spam". I can only put the senders' email addresses into my Contacts folder so that they will be recognized NEXT time they post a comment. Unfortunately, as he or she may be a "new member", I don't KNOW their email address yet! I have set up a filter to *STAR* these incoming emails but that is not enough to prevent them being dumped into the Spam Folder by Gmail's spam detection algorithm. I just get my starred emails sent to the Spam folder still and they do not even show up in the folder especially for starred emails either. Pain. In the GMail forums, there are a few complaints about this, but no-one seems to have an answer.

I didn't know that this was happening until recently. I haven't been in the habit of going to to check my emails, as I direct Gmail and my work Starhub address emails all to Outlook, which I use on both on my work laptop and my home desktop. That way I get my email SOMEWHERE whether I am travelling or not, and Outlook's brilliant incoming message Rules do their job of efficiently sorting all my incoming wheat, chaff, grist, mill, sheep, goats, boys, men, news, travel warnings, and spam...

However, if the emails are first dumped into GMail's spam folder, they never get forwarded on to Outlook.

The result is, sorry dedicated and dear-to-my-heart commentors, unless the comment is on a very recent post, I may not have noticed it.

While I was travelling in South Africa recently I had to use the computer in the hotel's Business Centre to get my emails and therefore had to go directly to That is how I discovered what was going on. I saw that there were quite a few spam messages in my Spam box, and fortuitously I thought I should just review them before casting them into the 47th level of hell. Lucky I checked, eh? There were a host of "new member" and "site posting" emails that I had not seen before, including 2 comments and registrations that were robot or blog-spam. Later, at home, I deleted those fake members and barred thier IP addresses, for all the good that that does.

Aside: *Robot* is also what South Africans call traffic lights. "Turn royght at the robot, yar!" They also have an interesting intersection called a *STOP Road*, where all four incoming lanes have stop signs. Etiquette is to take it in turns, one car from each road at a time. End Aside.

So, if I hadn't commented on your comment for a while, there's your reason.



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 27, 06 | 10:00 am | Profile


registerd yesterday/day before...not that i expected a reply, but this entry of yours truly made me laugh...thanks

Posted by: savannah on Nov 27, 06 | 8:05 pm

Truly Savannah, I had to rescue your comment out of spam folder! If I hadn't checked my home page I wouldn't have known about it!

Irony of ironies, all is irony!

And if this post made you laugh maybe you should, um, try the funny ones... and then maybe up the medication?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 27, 06 | 10:25 pm

i like your style..and yes, my comment probably needed more of an explanation, but another time...i'm going back in time...your archives.

Posted by: savannah on Nov 27, 06 | 10:55 pm

What if you try -- search Subject for xyz, then apply label abc? Maybe then it won't get dumped in Spam?

But take this with a truckload of salt. My Spam folder has 1930 messages in it. I kid you not. Screen shot available upon request!

Posted by: knobby on Nov 28, 06 | 12:21 am

Nah, that won't work - the only *automatic* spam filter they allow is to check if the sender's name is in the contact folder. It's not like Outlook.

Thing is, I don't want to have to go to GMail all the time to check for this! Pain in the ARSE!

Wonder why you get so much spam? - not all those knobular pron sites you peruse, meh?

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 28, 06 | 12:32 am

Porn sites? As if I would give them my email.

No, most of my spam consists of "stock recommendations" but I also have ads for little blue, green, magenta and similarly psychedelically coloured pills. Which raises a thought -- why don't druglords use spam to push their products?

Posted by: knobby on Nov 28, 06 | 12:38 pm

But you need a valid email to get the $5.95 a month bargain offer, surely? Or do you download it all through your stockbroker's computer?

I thought Pfizer and Merck and Elli-Lily already did!

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 28, 06 | 1:44 pm

Why would you pay for porn?

Posted by: knobby on Nov 28, 06 | 4:34 pm

To show your gratitude for the fact the success of both the internet in general and electronic financial transactions in particular which both owe their rapid advancement to pay-for-view internet porn. All the advances in cryptography for secure transaction stuff comes from the universal and unstoppable demand for porn and for ways people can make money from stoopid wankers like me.

Posted by: expat@large on Nov 28, 06 | 7:55 pm


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