Another Weekend Passes

...with nothing accomplished except weight gain. (And this being E@L's 901st post on this [and the diet] blog!)

Fabulous lunch today at RitzCarlton with its fabulously pongy cheese board (60 aromas, every one like smelly feet!), free flow champagne and mojitos (hiccup!)... It was great fun, teasing with the one-and-only MJ (she of the party in HK a month ago that I still haven't blogged about) and everybody else but, shickered, I had to sleep the rest of the day...

So nothing blogged, nothing substantial achieved, nothing interesting written (witness the rest of this post). How about you?


Except yesterday (Sat) I was in Marina Square looking for stuff, and jesus, is it just me or is everything shit? Crap! Low quality, ugly, unnecessary. SHIT, in fact.

*BUZZ* -- Road To Damascus Moment -- EVERYTHING in every shopping centre in the world, it's just ALL SHIT.

The tableware, the plates, etc... SHIT! Barang Barang, everywhere... Just SHIT! Why do I bother?

And don't talk to me about getting to Marina Square - made the old mistake of thinking that an MRT station with the word Marina in it would be related... Of course not, that would be like expecting any hotel, shopping centre, hospital, or place of note named after Sir Stamford would be somewhere near the Raffles Place MRT!

Wrong! No, for anything at all to do with Raffles you have to get off at City Hall. Also where you need to go if you wish to walk the several miles through *Raffles* Link to get to Marina Square and look at the same shit in the same shit shops as in every other shit shopping mall in Singapore.

And the coup-de-grace for MRT station design would be to put the Locality Guide for each station *OUTSIDE* the ticket gates so you have EXIT the concourse to see if you are at the right station for where you need to go, and so be forced to buy another ticket (or swipe your EzyLink card) if you aren't. Everything, I repeat, is SHIT!


Speaking of shit waste-of-effort shopping centres, the new taxi drop-off point for E@L's office in HarbourFrontandCentre is at VivoCity (where there's even more shitty SHIT for sale than you could shake a shitty stick at).

As E@L arrived at 9am the other day a fire alarm was sounding, alarmingly I might add.

Total Indiana Jones moment (not you Indy, the movie) for E@L when he saw that a firewall shutter was cranking down out of the roof to shut VivoCity off from HFC... and so E@L had to scoot quickly (ouch, the sore knee) and limbo duck under the lowering partition or risk certain immolation from the explosions and flames carooming off the walls behind him - nah, it was just another false alarm.

Unfortunately, the architectural abomination that is VicoCity survived. Shit.


However, great discovery whilst blurfing from that old cock, DickHeadley's site. I must have slept through the late 60's and early 70's - as well as this afternoon - and missed this guy. It was Nick Drake, born Rangoon 1948, died Warwiskshire 1974, who John Martyn was writing about in his 1973 song, Solid Air (have I already blogged this?).

Why did I miss getting into him while I really love(d) Martyn's stuff? No idea.

Tonight, ahem, this morning, I listened to some Nick Drake snippets on Amazon. Very un-cheery. Like it a lot.

& this is the theme-song to my weekend...

Day Is Done
Nick Drake

When the day is done
Down to earth then sinks the sun
Along with everything that was lost and won
When the day is done.

When the day is done
Hope so much your race will be all run
Then you find you jumped the gun
Have to go back where you began
When the day is done.

When the night is cold
Some get by but some get old
Just to show life's not made of gold
When the night is cold.

When the bird has flown
Got no-one to call your own
Got no place to call your home
When the bird has flown.

When the game's been fought
Newspaper blown across the court [as sung]
Lost much sooner than you would have thought
Now the game's been fought.

When the party's through
Seems so very sad for you
Didn't do the things you meant to do
Now there's no time to start anew
Now the party's through.

When the day is done
Down to earth then sinks the sun
Along with everything that was lost and won
When the day is done.



Posted by: expat@large on Nov 26, 06 | 11:46 pm | Profile


was enlightened 2 years ago on the bbc. brad pitt is also a massive fan--presented a biography on bbc 1 radio.

Posted by: the Ex on Dec 02, 06 | 5:51 am

Someone was holding your musical enlightment back in the early days too, eh?

Wonder if BP's doco is online?

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 02, 06 | 3:35 pm

Didn't you give me a CD of someone, was that him? - p.s. I've lost it.

Posted by: expat@large on Dec 02, 06 | 3:35 pm


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