I do my best thinking underwater. Swimming laps, 20 minutes of laps, expending energy, burning calories.

Thinking... Brain usage burns calories like fuck!

Meaning of life, done. Lap. Lap. Purpose of existence, done. Lap. Lap. Lesbian twins hookers in Pattaya v 700Bht bar fine, done. Lap. Lap. Moral v Ethical, done. Lap. Lap. God v Darwin, done. Lap. Lap. Pinot noir v Merlot, up in the air! Choke, splutter, nearly drown!

Tomorrow we are going Sideways at Milos and Izzy's place, watching Saint Jack on DVD and eating crap food from Esprito sAnto and elsewhere on a poor sacked TV producer's budget.

So I thought to myself - Sideways... Merlot v Pinot Noir... Why not a wine tasting? Why not see what is the more preferred varietal? Which is crap and which is sublime? Which is cheap and which is overpriced?

E@L will bring two bottles (one of each, durh!) and we'll do a pissed blind tasting. Results to follow at some stage, when the inevitable hangover wears off.

Lesbian twin hooker story reserved - temporarily probably - for the novel.

Sigh. Saturday night already over . Not gone out. Spent the night drinking one of the bottles reserved for tomorrow by himself and blogging and reading old posts (damn they're GOOD!).

No friends. No sex. Sad. Old. Bastard.



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 29, 06 | 12:43 am | Profile


"Tomorrow 'we' are going..." is this the royal we, or have you finally gone mad.

When I swim I usually only count strokes until I take a breath, or I count laps wishing for it to be over...swimming really is the most boring of aerobic activity.

So how is the hang over?

Posted by: Indiana on Oct 30, 06 | 10:34 am

"We" is E@L and I. And we STARTED mad.

I used to count laps, but it was depressing how slowly I swim - now I just push for my 20 mins.

Hangover minimal - didn't drink all that much, it distracts me from "piercing the crevice of pleasure"...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 30, 06 | 11:26 am


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