Been Busy

Obviously like any sane human being (which excludes most of my readers), I prefer living my life to blogging about it. And so when there are time and/or internet access contraints something has to give...

Hence no blogs for a while, sorry. I've been working in Thailand, getting drenched in floods etc...

In the meantime, check out my literary high-flier buddy Bjorn's new book The Karaoke World of Cortous Haire.

E@L's make-or-break review to come when I get around to unsticking the pages and reading my flood-drenched copy (and after I've had my fill of the free drinks at his local book launch in Singapore next week). Blog to come about the flood adventure getting to the Bangkok QBar launch and its moist aftermath!

The babe in the video was at the BKK book-launch, but I didn't get a chance to talk to her. At least I think she was a girl...



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 12, 06 | 5:48 pm | Profile


I'm not so sure myself! But if Miss Izzy's theory about all men being 20% gay, is true then what the heck. It's only a penis for heavens sake.

despite low production values a clever idea. Made me want to read the book.

Television is so fucked isn't it.

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Oct 12, 06 | 7:47 pm

And as penises come and go... so hers went apparently.

Yes, Bjorn eschewed whatever movie-making skills he had picked up as KTV movie maker to go for the el-cheapo gonzo effect.

I've read the first 30 pages. He has a certain style. Great opening line: "Laos is probably an unlikely place to get attacked by a travelling clown from Liechtenstein."

I think Gay inflirtration of 20% would be high in my home town, but maybe not so high in Thailand for some reason. Discussion about this somewhere recently - on Mangosauce? In QBar in BKK Monday night with a 150kg multi-orgasmic woman?

TV is certainly fucked when they sack everyone at MTV and it screws every poor cocksucker down the line...

Best get yourself a ticket in a real job boyo, like my dad would have said if I'd ever met him: learn a trade! They'll always need typesetters for example! Or sonographers, until they invent a portable MRI machine, fuck 'em.

Plastics. The future is plastics. And so I should have become a cosmetic surgeon?

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 12, 06 | 8:46 pm

The video brings back memories of Asia.

I'm sure glad I no longer live there.

Posted by: TruthSeeker Mama on Oct 13, 06 | 1:53 am

I can so feel the ambience of country Thailand and Vietnam in those Laos shots, although I have never been there.

The water-taxis hooning up those klongs is such a scary truth!

I am going out now to buy an expensive video camera to shoot gonzo-like movies out of the window of my luxurious car as I get driven around these places.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 13, 06 | 2:06 am

So are video blogposts the new way E@L will be showing us the world he is seeing?

I'd like to know how Izzy came up with the magic number of 20%, and do women have the same percentage or one that is higher or even lower?

Posted by: Indiana on Oct 13, 06 | 10:40 am

Does she mean 20% of men are gay, or that all men are 20% gay? Which 20%? The liver, spleen and forearm?

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 13, 06 | 11:46 am


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