Eve of St Mooncake

We were wandering around Chinatown in the vain hope of attracting the attention of an all too rare vacant taxi before anyone on the long stretch of South Bridge Rd saw it first.

We gave up for the moment and I decided to buy some mooncakes for the people in the office tomorrow, so I started asking the hawker the difference between the red and the yellow hand-written tags...

I heard Steve say to someone behind me, "Are you the taxi-driver?"

"Yes, can. I buy my grandson mooncake first, OK?"

An empty taxi had pulled up right in front of a group of disappointed waiting people with its light turned off. The driver had waved them away and locked the door of his taxi after he got out. He was heading to buy a collection of mooncakes at the same stall as me.

Steve, who is never backward at coming forward, recognized the opportunity and jumped in. "You take us? We'll wait for you."

"OK, OK, just buy mooncake. I take you."

"Yes!" said Steve. "Who said it was hard to get a taxi in this town?"

When we got going, off to the Hyatt where I would be refused entry to The Martini Bar as I was wearing 3/4 length trouser/shorts (another angry, bitter post coming), he proved himself to be one of the most useful and informative drivers around. He pointed to all the people waiting along the road, frantically hailing in vain for him to stop.

"All these people no get taxi. Wait long time."

"Why?" we asked.

"Is Mooncake festival tomorrow. All drivers out buying mooncake tonight, same me! And is Ramadam. No Muslim driver."

"Muslims don't drive in Ramadam?"

"No, drive can, but at 7;15 Muslim driver go home to eat dinner. No eat during day, only after sunset, lah. Tomorrow be worse. No taxi. Everybody eat mooncake. You see full moon? Mooncake festival. No taxi. Very hard find taxi tomorrow, leh."

OK, tomorrow: Steve is still in town so will we eat somewhere near an MRT. Or in walking distance of the Hyatt, provided I meet the dress code.

So if you're staggering down the middle North Bridge Rd on Saturday morning at 3am having stood forlornly in the Boat Quay taxi queue for the past 2 hours while using up your monthly phone allowance on-hold while Cablink claims to be "dispatching your order now", drunk as a lord and horny as drunk lord, waving down private vehicles with the offer of a $50 bill, pleading for someone please to take you please to Orchard Towers please -- don't say you weren't warned here first.



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 05, 06 | 11:27 pm | Profile


After six years I can't take it anymore. I ride a bicycle, every journey is beset with life and death decisions sure but hey it keeps your reactions sharp.

I also take the bus. sheer bliss, you are invisible with your ipod. No twitching no spazzing no dumb questions, bus drivers are better drivers too. To think something this painless should be so cheap, it's a marvel. well done singapore well done!

Now can I have my employment pass please.

Roses are red
so are monkeys arses
monkeys drive taxis
It doesn't have to ryhme cos they're arses.

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Oct 06, 06 | 12:18 am

I used to work in an Emergency Department. Car big. Bicycle small. Human body fragile.

Roses are red
Mooncakes are awful
The end.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 06, 06 | 12:25 am

So you can pick me up at BoatQuay tomorrow morning at 1 am on your bicycle built for two? Advance booking, is it?

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 06, 06 | 12:27 am

Nuts. I have a dinner tomorrow. At Boat Quay.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Oct 06, 06 | 12:43 am

Leave early and get the MRT at Clarke Quay.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 06, 06 | 12:53 am

I meant South Bridge Rd. I think.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 06, 06 | 12:54 am

Buses! we don't need no steeenking buses!

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 06, 06 | 1:23 am

Yeah okay but I'm heading towards ang moh kio.

buses smell of arse, but there are girls to look at and no one asks me which cunting football team I support.

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Oct 06, 06 | 6:48 am

I was in Boat Quay last night...new place a definite one for us to try...will be out tonight my buddy's last night in Sing. so I am expecting to be foggy tomorrow. ~grin~

Posted by: Indiana on Oct 06, 06 | 8:57 am

say it with me now: caaaaar. do i need to come pick you guys up tonight afterwards?

Posted by: MercerMachine on Oct 06, 06 | 9:58 am

Cars: say it with me: Paaaarking. Druuuunk. Can I book you for 4 am outside OT? Cheers.

Buses: unless VPS is squirming on her seat on one...

Trains: have a story from this morning. If I have time I'll blog it today. Boss in town have to look busy...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 06, 06 | 10:45 am

BTW, it turns out I actually purchased some "reduced sugar" mooncakes!

Everyone's going murmuring "Uuuumm, thanks..." and looking away awkwardly. It's like buying low-alcohol beer for the buck's night.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 06, 06 | 10:58 am

Only you could be lucky enough to buy "reduced sugar" mooncakes...it's like you and taxi's...apart from one driver who I was sure purchased his license with coupons cut from the Wheet Bix box I have nothing but great times in cabs...I think we need to coin a new blog phrase...

Expat's Luck: Worse than Murphy's and not quite as bad as Buckley's.

Posted by: Indiana on Oct 06, 06 | 11:03 am

I've always had great times in Singapore taxis ~grin~

Posted by: Mia on Oct 06, 06 | 2:38 pm


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