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One Track Mind

You probably know this site, I am so behind the times. It's just out as a book too. A fairly raunchy lady's sex-blog from England. Seems quite excellent, if you, ahem, like that sort of thing.

Excerpt from one post about bloggers becoming published authors:

6) Contrary to what many (especially in Ďmainstream mediaí) might believe, not all bloggers aim, or even hope, to get published. I certainly didnít. Iím very lucky that I did, but that was never my objective: I just wanted to voice my perspective on sex, because I didnít see it represented elsewhere. I never thought that two and a half years later Iíd have a book out because of my blog. Itís very odd to now see my voice all over the place; itís both scary, and immensely gratifying.

7) If there are any bloggers who think writing a book is easy, let me tell you, it isnít. My blog wasnít Ďliftedí and pasted into bound form as some might assume; whilst I did use some posts from it, I also had to write an entire book, with shitloads of new material, from start to finish. It took me four months of hard work to get it completed. And I was working on a movie at the same time, hence my doing 100-hour, seven-day, weeks - I almost crashed my car twice from exhaustion. So itís not exactly Ďtaking the money and runningí, like some might think: you do have to work your arse off.

8) I challenge anyone to turn down approaches from publishers who are offering you the chance to reach a new, wider audience with your writing. Sure, we all blog for the love of writing, but decline the opportunity to write in another medium? Iím sure most would jump at the chance. As I did: I started the blog because I was frustrated about how female sexuality was presented; to then be able to reach another, more mainstream, market with my views, and not take up the opportunity to do so, would have been ignorant, I think. So I went for it, fought to present my writing in a sexually positive, progressive, feminist way, and now the end result is on the shelves. It was nice that I got paid for it, but I would have done it for free too.

And here's another great post where she stays over with some guy just for cuddles and without bonking and next morning when she is horny, he is gruff and dismissive.

She says:

The one-night stand was finished; my instincts were right - Iíve had enough casual fucks to know when a guy is done. And Bís behaviour was clear: he wanted me out; he had no interest in pursuing any more intimacy.

I lay there for a moment with my thoughts; itíd been a while since Iíd experienced such outright sexual rejection, and it took me a minute to comprehend my feelings about it. Bar getting neurotic about my being overly sexually demanding, (if a guy doesnít like my sexual appetite, well, fuck him, I say), I soon realised that his snub made me feel only a little gutted. Instead, what I felt hurt by was the way he behaved, rather than the rejection itself: Iím an adult Ė I can take someone turning me down.

And this prompted a commentor to say:

You had casual sex and ... shock horror, he didn't respect you in the morning.
Who could have predicted that ?
Alan B. | 08.21.06 - 4:21 pm | #

Was that you, MM?



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 04, 06 | 2:56 pm | Profile


Hello me: I only just found the site today after a friend sent me an email last night. No time for book shopping, lah.

If I get it, you can borrow, but only when I get all my other ones back! LOL!

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 04, 06 | 4:12 pm

Am constantly being deleted from your blog! Are you ashamed?

Had asked if you had bought her book.

Posted by: Hairydonut2 on Oct 04, 06 | 4:20 pm

What? You want another beer chicken?

Posted by: Hairydonut2 on Oct 04, 06 | 4:30 pm

No TexMex? I LOOOOOOVE TexMex. But beer chicken has all the key ingredients...

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 04, 06 | 4:33 pm

no, it was not me. I'm only mean to people who insult my intelligence.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Oct 04, 06 | 7:32 pm

Want to have the chickenmadillia at KFC?

Posted by: MercerMachine on Oct 05, 06 | 9:11 pm

Wait! I'm not me!

Posted by: MercerMachine on Oct 05, 06 | 9:12 pm

what smoot is trying to say is, she's using MY computer to spam comments to you.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Oct 05, 06 | 9:13 pm

whatever of whomever, it'll have to wait till next week... but isn't it MY turn to cook?

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 05, 06 | 10:52 pm


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