Shitty Air!

Singapore's harmosphere has been decidely HongKongesque the last few days. Today it is terribly misty and polluted looking. I can hardly see to the end of Sentosa. Not that there's anything there I'd want to see. Smoke is coming across from the usual illegal logging fires Sumatra according the ultra-reliable journalists of The Strait-Jacket Times.


And speaking of The Flagrant Harbour, my golf handicap card arrived from my old internet-based golf-club over the weekend, so I can walk onto any course here in Smogapore, shell out a coupla hundred dollars and totally fuck-over my knee again.

As soon as my bum gets better, my knee gets better, my feet get better, we'll work on making my putting get better.

Golf anyone?

[It's gotten even worse in the 30mins since I took that photo.]



Posted by: expat@large on Oct 02, 06 | 4:10 pm | Profile


left the clubs back across the Causeway. they haven't been used since I left for Singapore in Feb, poor things.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Oct 03, 06 | 4:36 am

which internet golf club are you using?

Posted by: hkmonkey on Oct 03, 06 | 12:38 pm

VPS: you want to play around? I mean "a round".

HKmonkey: This one.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 03, 06 | 4:57 pm


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