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I am DRAFTING a way too long blog-post to respond to MM's casual sex and ethics/morals discussion. Up to version 5. Will I ever finish and get it right, answer all his raised issues perfectly, sensibly and coherently, and produce the unanswerably correct final word? Will I, in fact, win? (Funny thing is the more I reason against him, the more I realise I agree with him on most issues, ah but not his conclusion, not yet...)

This is where my unhealthy issue of perfectionism becomes evident.

The God of Blog Spontaneity is frowning down upon me from behind his Rickenbaker bass guitar and his Chopper Read moustache!

You see, if I don't blurt, I can't blog. I get tied up in revisionism details and in the end I lose interest: I can't get it right, it doesn't flow coherently any more, if I can't get back into the mood, into the same comfy private compartment in the train of thought, it just fizzles...

I forget the punchline.

Or I remember the punchline but can't figure how to get to it without getting lost in a maze of red herrings, startled hares, wild geese, and other farmyard distractions....

I'm a perfect moron.



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 30, 06 | 11:36 am | Profile


What are you exactly trying to say, E@L? You have lost us.

Cheers, and the rest of the stuff like Auf Wiedersehen, Ciao, blah blah blah!

Posted by: Ron - Nude King on Oct 01, 06 | 9:05 am

Obviously I haven't LOST you as you've just joined! So I have gained you, as it were. ha ha!

What am I trying to say? My brain is mud is what I am trying to say.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 06 | 1:15 pm

practice makes perfect imperfection.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Oct 01, 06 | 5:19 pm


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