Bastard Behind The Eyes

Thursday night drinks? NEVER AFUCKINGGAIN! You were all very wise to have had those excuses ready.


A good turn-out to be sure - Milos, Izzy, Indy, E@L, non-bloggers Val and Nellie and world-famous author and Noble Prize for Porn nominee Gerrie.

Indy and I arrived first and got stuck into some munchies as we had not eaten. The snacks are MUCH better here than at the Dempsey Rd outlet. The Evans Rd outlet of The Wine Company has a much more sohisticated aura to it and has a full restaurant attached. As Indy pointed out, it would be a good place for a first date. However, I do like the sense of having left the worst of Singapore behind those tall trees that you get up near the barracks.

We started on a German Kabinett HalbTrocken, a much drier (less fruity) reisling than most Australian reislings but not too strawy or herbacious like many young French whites. An excellent choice, and about the cheapest wine on the list to boot. That wine list is pretty limited for my broad and deep knowledge of Australian reds (there are now more than four wines I know beyond Jacobs Creek!), but once we found a good one we stuck to it... Of course, you get what you pay for. It was very nice, but pretty steep.

By the end of the night we could have been drinking red food dye for all anyone's palates could tell...


There was even a ninth bottle ordered after this check and we quickly knocked that one down as the staff packed up around us - we had to sneak out the back door to avoid the Liquor Control Police or whomever patrols the late-night streets of Bukit-Timah looking for infractors of the F&B laws... Judging by the forlorn waves of Milos, Izzy and Gerrie as they stood on the curb getting smaller and smaller as I vomited looked out the rear window of Nellie's departing car, it not taxis.


Ow. I blinked. That hurts. My head is empty and it's mocking me. My brain is a hollow mockery.

Indy had to ring in sick. I got in at midday. No more of this middle-aged childishness on a work night.



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 29, 06 | 1:40 pm | Profile


sounds like you guys had fun.*grin*

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Sep 29, 06 | 3:13 pm

~grin~ sounds like fun for all!

Posted by: Mia on Sep 29, 06 | 5:42 pm

VPS I have only just sobbered up enough to leave a comment. Notice how I just misspelled the word "sobered" and have lost confidence in "misspelled". That's alcohol for you. Or was it ethanol, I really don't remember.

E@L I had the detachable penis dream again. This time there were two of them, attached by means of lolly sticks. I kept swapping them over. You were there in place of the VJs and Helen Mirren, smiling conspiratorially...with your moleskin. I'd better not say more.

A fantastic evening of bullshitting and laughter! Next time I will definitely bring my wallet.

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Sep 30, 06 | 7:17 pm

Man.. you're really getting good at this. Less than a day's notice and you have 7 people turn up! Or was it 6? Eagle-eyed knobby spies a "consumption charge" (wtf? You supposed to bathe in the stuff instead of consuming it?) for 8 people but you only list 6 others besides yourself.

Posted by: knobby on Oct 01, 06 | 1:27 am

knobster: the 8 is for 8 bottles. It's called "corkage" in civilized countries. There were 7 of us eventually.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 06 | 3:21 am

Milos: I'd hsave done the young Helen Mirren in a heartbeat. Now she looks too much like my Grade3 teacher, Mrs Ryan. Detatchable penis or not.

Please do not use E@L in your dream: he is copyright for my dreams only. And I think my waking hallucination was more scary....

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 06 | 3:26 am

Oh. Ah. Umm. Isn't that s'posed to be only for "outside drinks"? That's what I thought and TFD seems to agree.

Posted by: knobby on Oct 01, 06 | 4:47 am

Knobster: I am not up with Singapore licencing laws, but the evidence is that evidently not.

Posted by: expat@large on Oct 01, 06 | 1:12 pm


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