Might Try The Wine Company on Evans Rd

Anyone of the now enormous usual crew or indeed any other keen people in Singapore interested in yet another test of spontaneity?

Wine Company on Evans
Tonight, Thursday 28th, 7pm on.
26 Evans Road
Evans Lodge (Colonial Style!)

No booking made, we just turn up...

Required Reading: Everyone's (that you anticipate turning up) last two blog posts.



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 27, 06 | 11:36 pm | Profile


Will try to make it, but cannot stay to watch the sun peak over the HDB's...not this time ~grin~

Posted by: Indiana on Sep 28, 06 | 7:44 am

Can't this time. Smoot and I will be having our anniversary dinner :)

Posted by: MercerMachine on Sep 28, 06 | 11:55 am

Sigh. Can't make it tonight. Have to review and edit some important assignments before the deadline tomorrow.

Have fun though.

Posted by: VirginPornStar on Sep 28, 06 | 1:46 pm

someone's gotta turn up!

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 28, 06 | 4:53 pm

hi - hope things get better

Posted by: oldfriend on Sep 29, 06 | 12:16 am

Jen - beating them off with a stick darling....

Big crowd - would you believe 7 people!!!!

Milos and Izzy and Indy and Gerrie and a coupla nonbloggging ladies and E@L ... perfecto and maybe only $650! bargain!!!

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 29, 06 | 1:30 am

I have a raging hang over, decided bed was the place for me this morning...so I stayed there.

Posted by: Indiana on Sep 29, 06 | 9:49 am

whose idea was that 11th bottle of $50 wine? I'm gonna kill em!

Head. pain. sleep. dwarves with hammers. evil.

Luckily I took some salt replacement just as I stumbled to bed, and therefore feeling only half as bad as I could/should be.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 29, 06 | 11:47 am


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