Reasons To Hate Singapore #247,399

Yes, it's to do with taxi-drivers.


The waitress at the Circular Rd bar had no single attribute that was pretty. Small teeth and all her gums when she smiled. A large surgical scar across her exposed breastbone. Small breasts. Large toneless exposed abdomen. No butt at all. Yet, somehow all together, as a collection of mismatched pieces, to me she was cute. My friend pointed out that I wasn't wearing my glasses. Maybe if she was giving a BJ with those teeth. Hmm, I considered the possibilities. Finish beers, move on.

After another of Val's recommended butter sotong at Cityfront Kopitiam, where we had been given a free dish of butter prawns to try out for our opinion - delicious! better than the sotong! - we finish our beers.

We moved on to the Irish pub, Malones, to listen to some Irish people practising Irish music. Tin whistle, fat guy. Guitar gaunt guy in a Jethro Tull tee. Chubby woman on that drum thing. What do you call someone who hangs out with musicians? A drummer. Not pretty people the Irish, in part or in whole. We finish our beers, left. Golf at 7:30. Right.

Caught a taxi. I dumped dropped my friend at his hotel in Mohammed Sultan.

The taxi driver knew my street, the first time in about 18 months I find a Singaporean taxi-drive who knows his way around Singapore. Amazing. I went home, nodding off.

Shaken awake by the sudden stop, here we are.

The taxi bill was $5.80 plus 20c on the Extras meter. I gave the driver a $10 note. He gave me a $2 note and two coins. I walked away, presuming they were $1 coins. As I went through the gate into my apartment complex, I realised they felt light-weight. They were 20c coins.

I stopped and went back quickly before he had time to move away. I pointed out his error in most gentlemanly terms, flinging the 40c on the passenger seat.: "Give me $2 more, you cunning bastard."

He feigned that it was an innocent mistake, "Sorry boss, sorry." He knew I was (am) more than just a little pissed and thought that perhaps I wouldn't notice.

Now, I'm pissed OFF as well! I didn't have a chance to get his number, wouldn't have remembered it anyway. If I had - it'd be all over the LTA website tommorow morning.

Thieving cunt.

4 million smiles, my great-grandmother's black Irish arse!

I hate this town.



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 19, 06 | 11:41 pm | Profile


no you don't. You love this town. If they were in trouble you'd fight for them I know it. I met you once. there was no hate about you.

Did your great grandmother really have a black arse?

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Sep 20, 06 | 2:46 am

guess wot??? i bought jello today and the sneaky bitch packed me 10 instead of the 12 i paid for! grrrr... i'm in two minds whether or not to rock up and bitchslap her (verbally) tomorrow but chinatown is so far away... sigh. my next appointment in chinatown is a whole month away!

it's not the pennies but the principle of the whole thing y'know?

Posted by: valkyrie on Sep 20, 06 | 3:15 am

Once upon a time...

...people were honest...

And thus went the fairy tale, in this money grubbing, more-is-me, self centered world of I, people are out to screw you for what they can...leaves a bad taste in your mouth doesn't it?

Why is it E@L that you have such taxi troubles and I never have any?

Posted by: Indiana on Sep 20, 06 | 7:06 am

Sounds like it's time for E@L to buy a one way ticket out of the Garden City.

Posted by: TruthSeeker Mama on Sep 20, 06 | 9:44 am

Ange: my trip to northern China has just been cancelled, so looks like I'm here forever... Except next weekend in Chennai. Frying pan - fire?

Indy: I am flypaper to freaks.

Val: you too! I thought they targetted us ugly angmohs only.

Milos: true, I am big happy bundle of cuddly sweetness. No she didn't have a black arse that I remember. It was a rhetorical metaphor of the pleonastically redunant symbolical kind.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 20, 06 | 11:18 am

Wait till you hear about the big fireworks display at Marina Bay that we locals were not invited to.

Posted by: chlim01 on Sep 20, 06 | 1:49 pm

We heard it crashing away as we were munching on our prawns and sotong in Circular Rd, but figured (correctly it seems) that it was not for us...

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 20, 06 | 2:02 pm

people seem more upset about not being invited to the fireworks than being deprived of their freedom of speech. It's Uniquely Singapore!

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Sep 20, 06 | 3:49 pm

They're hiding in the shadows according to Xenoboy...

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 20, 06 | 4:29 pm

Don't forget that our tax dollars paid for those fancy fireworks. The least the govt could have done was to invite us to enjoy our tax dollars at work.

Posted by: chlim01 on Sep 20, 06 | 6:42 pm

chlim01 why? it' a crap fireworks display. They spent ten times more money investing in hotel projects in Burma with Asia's biggest drug dealer than they spent on that crap. Your money and my money (since I pay nation building tax too). His son lives here while they hang his employees up at Changi. wah lan eh! Uniquely Singapore!

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Sep 21, 06 | 2:51 am

I hate Singapore! As an expat that has travelled many countries with a pet dog and we were on our way home via singapore (quarantine requirements) no-one ever told me about the dangers in the local park - I know its the tropics and all but if a snake large enough to kill a child is in the area you would think the authorities would put up warning signs - they didn't and my wonderful Jack Russell Terrier paid the ultimate price and was terrifying crushed by a python. Many will think so what, just a dog but when your an expat & been away from home family & friends for such a long time, that pet becomes your family. The Singaporian police untangled the snake to recover my little dogs body but then let the snake free stating they didnt have the right equipment and anyway, the snake is protected...this snake was 12 feet long and would have easily taken a child, if not an adult - the Singaporian police attitude is disgusting.
I have lived in Asia may years and in my life been fortunate enough to travel around the world - I will never return to Singapore, ever again and the attitude of the Singaporians will make the pain and sadness I feel at losing my most beloved little pet even more painful - I with think of Singapore with nothing but disgust, anger and bitterness.

Posted by: i hate sing on Nov 17, 06 | 5:03 pm


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