Fraternity of Moleskins -- Not Lingerie Shopping With Miss Izzy

E@L forgot to mention how he magically was inducted into the burgeoning Fraternity Of Moleskins In Shoulderbags last evening.

Having one of these incredibly overpriced Italian notebooks REALLY DOES start conversations and create bonds amongst the lifestyle-challenged - i.e. literary and artistic types. E@L mentioned in these virtual pages that he cynically bought his a few weeks ago as a joke just prior to his last trip to Vietnam, and he noted (mentally only, he didn't actually write it down - until now) that MM had one in his ever-present shoulderbag at the PoW last Wednesday night. Last night, E@L pulled his out of a new shoulderbag and used it to jot down some question about the use of Viagra amongst various erotic performers and, N.B. this was NOTED!

Milos leaned over conspiratorially and whispered that he used a Moleskin. E@L didn't twig at first that he was talking about the black covered notebook on the table between them. He thought Milos was referring to some obscure and hopefully private sexual practice involving the pelt of small furry animals. E@L was about to move tables over to the guy who was concerned about the titillations of even the subtle soft-(totally-flabby)-core erotica that makes it into Singaporean TV and movies turning our good women into lesbians, presumably leaving less opportunity for him to shag them, but Milos, gestured to HIS shoulderbag and the corner of a Moleskin notebook was evident. Phwew! For a moment there E@L thought he was going to have to give his patented "long, soft, uninterrupted monologue" which he uses to extract himself from situations like this.

"I've been keeping notes in mine for several years," Milos said. "It's good to go back and see how your opinions have changed over the years, don't you think?"

E@L smiled condescendingly: change opinions? What sort of a person IS this?

"No, this is my first one. If I want to embarrass myself with my literary and social naivetè, I read old posts on my blog." (As I will one day with this one!)


Then, towards the end of the evening, as the show was winding down, the lovely Vivienne Yeo (not related to Robert) came up to E@L who was chatting with Milos and asked how he liked it, how often he used it, and did he have mementos in the pocket?

"Pardon?" We had been talking about non-detachable penises. His penis didn't have a pocket. No room.

"Your Moleskin," she smiled seductively (she really is a pretty lady, so I am projecting the seduction). "Do you keep tickets stubs and things like that in the pocket?"

"There's a pocket?" asked E@L, getting his notebook out, pulling the elastic binder aside like the leg of someone girl's panties, wondering if there was going to more there than just a cunt. He looked inside the back-cover where, hey! there WAS a fold-out section just for people who like to collect flat things.

He was stunned.

"I didn't know that was there!" he cried.

"Nevermind. Now you know." She raised her eyebrows (enticingly) and smiled. E@L had been granted the secret knowledge of the Moleskin, admitted into its arcane fraternity. And he didn't even have to ride a goat. "Anyway, thanks for coming tonight. Hopefully we'll see you at the next one." Obviously trying to set up a date with...



Cheap Hits-Generating Addendum: As we moved to Menotti's last night, E@L was walking ahead with Izzy leading the way, chatting about God knows what, taxi drivers? when we moved into the Esprit store. A women's clothing store.

"Where are we going?" asked E@L . "Is this a shortcut?"

"Mm-mm, a shortcut," she replied.

"Because if we are going shopping for lingerie, I need to know. I'll need to compose myself before I can get in the right frame of mind to go lingerie shopping with Miss Izzy... And It's going to be one helluva popular blog post!"

"Ah, no, my underwear is boring. Here's the entrance to Menotti's..." And we went in...

Damn, thought-bubbled...



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 16, 06 | 11:08 am | Profile


"There might be something else up there besides a cunt. You know there might be something really marvellous this time"

I'm trying to figure out what is so marvellous about cunt that I'm always chasing it...willing to lose everything...wife,kids,money..damn siok! like they say in singapore.

sounds like you really had a great time with that bunch....miss izzy would be one i'd sacrifice my left nut for.....haaaaaaaaLOL

you take care and dun drink too much....go to gym too.
i'll be leaving to new mexico,usa wednesday for 1 dad died 2 years ago and he left me sooooo many jeeps,cars,trucks I must sell or they will rust wife will run our real estate business here....
ever need a place or a good maid can send for one to the maid has some pretty good relatives to recommend.

david patrick

Posted by: david martinez on Sep 16, 06 | 1:50 pm

Might have to take you up on that maid issue - know any who can cope with long hours of nothing to do?

Enjoy newayvo meh-hico.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 16, 06 | 1:53 pm

the moleskin's a cover, you were right the first time. It's just a way of testing the water with people. The notebook's full of small mamal pornography and drawings of things that are detachable.

I'm sorry if I let you down E@L. have to get back to smearing excrement on myself and masturbating to Janes Defence Journal.

david martinez, I have to say this to you, I don't know you but I have to tell you that no matter how tempting it might be you should never sacrifice, or even detach, a testicle for your girl friend. Any more than you should put part of your body into a vacuum cleaner. Tempting but not a good idea. Of course it depends on the model. Some models you think yeah why not.

Posted by: Milos Sadik on Sep 17, 06 | 12:22 am

Milos is right, unusually for him, David on this mononad thing... I have a mate who gave up his left testicle for nothing at all (something called a torsion, actually) and he was not impressed at all. Keep 'em, count 'em, look after 'em I say. They are what makes you the man you are. Or aren't as the 'girl' on the fourth floor said to a friend of mine tonight.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 17, 06 | 5:34 am

Dinner with Izzy and you no call me? :o<


Posted by: pc on Sep 17, 06 | 7:06 am

I don't see how sacrificing one's left nut is going to get anyone a girl - any girl for that matter - unless, of course, if she has a thing for julienned testicles cooked in slowly simmering chicken broth with a little bit of carrots and celery added for taste...mmmm.

Posted by: TruthSeeker Mama on Sep 17, 06 | 10:55 am

I wouldn't advise trying to julienne (cut into thin strips) a testicle. A testicle is essentially a tightly packed bag of spiral tubes, like mini-vermicelli spaghetti, held together within in segments by septae, like the membranes holding an orange into segments, only much finer, and then there is an outer capsule, the tunica, holding the segments together as a whole. Trying to julienne a tesits would be impossible causing this vermicelli (the seminiferous tubules) to spill out like a million captive worms free at last, particulalrly if you give it a strong squeeze.

I recommend peeling of the tunica and either deep frying the whole testis is a beer batter, or slicing thinly across the short axis of the testis, dipping it in seasoned flour and shallow frying. "Bite" size chunks are also possible.

Boiling in broth is boring. Marinating is an interesting alternative, perhaps European origin.

Then prepare the rest of the menu and invite the lady in question around for dinner.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 17, 06 | 4:45 pm

Understand that testicles taste good raw. Have it on good authority...

Posted by: pc on Sep 17, 06 | 5:59 pm

You weirdos! Lol

Posted by: knobby on Sep 24, 06 | 6:41 pm


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