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Note To Self

Don't put "a few drops" of Orange Flower Water in a martini EVER AGAIN! The so-called "Victorian Martinin [sic]"

Heavy on the botanicals? Like, YEAH!!!

Wasn't there once a cheap perfume for teenagers called 4/7-11 Ice-Down? That's what it tasted like. Straight.

Or... that's it -- like Parfait D'Amour. That horrible purple drink that also tastes like 4/7-11 Ice-Down.


Need a Hoegaarden and some stinky blue cheese to rinse the flavour out of my mouth.



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 11, 06 | 11:28 pm | Profile


The fact that you put anything in a Martini that wasn't either an olive, a lemon rind, or alcohol really has me beginning to worry about you. ~grin~

Posted by: Indiana on Sep 12, 06 | 11:27 am

OFW is supposed to be a vodka based infusion...

You should get a copy of my book; you sound like a character in it, always pernickity on the technique.

Martini joke: If you are going exploring in the jungle, in the arctic tundra or across vast deserts, always bring the makings for a martini with you. If you get really really lost and need rescuing, just start to make a martini. Within a minute someone will come up behind you and say, "that's not how to make a martini."

The OFW martini is also called a Dorothy Parker, as she used to drink it this way in the Alquonquin in the 30's. What better martini heritage can you ask for?

Dorothy Parker Poem:

I like to have a martini
Two at the very most
After threeI'm under the table
After four I'm under the host.


Posted by: expat@large on Sep 12, 06 | 12:32 pm


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