This Is Not A Test - OK It's A Test


Receptivity: don't click away before you finish reading.

Spontaneity: come out for drinks tomorrow - Thursday 7th September 2006. 8pm onwards.

Open-mindedness: venue is an Aussie Bar - Prince of Wales Hotel, 110 Dunlop St, Little India. It is a small pub, I haven't made a booking (no-one would answer the phone) and the beer is crap... Be open-minded to new experiences, even if they are crap, your reaction offers others a window to your personality. (N.B. Alcohol consumption not obligatory.)

Flexibility: that's only where we start. We move at a democratically decided rate, to a democratically decided venue, i.e. WE communally decide when and where we go to next! For you native Singaporeans, I realize this a foreign concept, but bear with me... Like, we could vote, add up the numbers and whoever wins, we go to that place, somewhere decent hopefully instead of this backpacker hellhole! Like, home. Maybe even early. Like, it's a school night... Or somewhere cool and trendy, like Zook (sp?) or OT?.

Access: if you're not in Singapore, YTF are you reading this? Ah, yes to mention it quickly on your OWN incredibly popular and influential blogs... (cough, cough) Sorry, sore throat.

Not RSVP skills: as not neccessary.

Attendance: necessary (more than one other person would be nice) if you don't have ruely good excuse. Let's try and break the record of last week's failure to launch...

Socialisation skills: invite someone else. (For those of you who got an email of this, think who wasn't on the list and should have been...)


Yes I *KNOW* this is short notice, but I can never be sure if I will be in town on any given Thursday night until Wednesday night.



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 06, 06 | 8:27 pm | Profile


ironically, my best friend drinks alone at prince of wales pub on a weekly basis. it's one of his psuedo-autisitic rituals. maybe i should hook you guys up!
- The Ivy

Posted by: The Ivy on Sep 10, 06 | 9:31 pm

Some guys I know - MegaStim - will be playing at the PoW next Wednesday. I'll be there.

I like to share my autism with all my friends....

And I make it a point never to drink ironically, alone or otherwise. Except on wind-swept beaches, where I might have an umbrella drink, just for a laugh - seriously.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 10, 06 | 11:48 pm

too bad i don't drink! we'll see how my friend manages to lure me to PoW. It'd happen sooner or later I'm sure. but more later than sooner.

Posted by: The Ivy on Sep 11, 06 | 9:39 pm


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