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Richard E.

So, how do YOU feel this morning?


The following email of last night explains why I have been linked by Dick Headley this morning (at least it was morning here when I started hunting up the links.)


Dear Dick

Just checked out your blog, and for the life of me I can't help you explain why the numbers would be up. Life is a mystery. I know why MY numbers are up: do a Google image search for "large" ... 2 on the first page!

Meanwhile, I'm sorry you're feeling down. Contradistinctually, my fortnight off from the drudgery that is Dufusapore has lifted mine, despite a bung knee and not having written a fictional word, and not having been in a meaningful relationship since the turn of the century. Perhaps that latter is a positive contribution. I know the Hua Hin branch office of Lolitas helped awfully too, sir.

I felt so good tonight I even put old Withnail on the DVD player. [Stimulated by a picture over at ChoppedOnionsHK.] Something about the early Richard E., the truly struggling, truly gifted ponce. Remember one of his [a vanity piece apparently] called Killing Dad, with Julie Walters fresh from being Joe Orton's (a terrific Gary Oldman) mum in Prick Up Your Ears, and the truly splendid Denholm Elliott [playing a character called Monty!]? 'twas based on a very terrific little book called Berg by Ann Quin. Read it? Recommended Reading for the E@L School of Obscure Literature. Quite accessible compared to her later, Beckettian (pronounced Beckeeshun) stuff.

Ah, but tonight...Laughed my arse off. Of course it dawns on me now, duh, that they ALL *are* gay and totally don't realise it. Last line of the movie gives it away (Withnail reflecting your mood and showing us all that by Jesus he COULD do Hamlet and do him damn well)... "no, nor women neither...nor women neither..." Also how many more of those long meaningful looks betwixt W & I before they throw themselves with passion into a Brokeback Mountain slobbery wet one, furry yellow tongues and all...

'53 Margeaux; wine of the century indeed....



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 06, 06 | 12:04 pm | Profile


I feel wonderful thank you. :)

Posted by: Mia on Sep 06, 06 | 4:20 pm

I feel like a pig shat in my head.

You're welcome.

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 06, 06 | 4:28 pm

His Japanese You Tube lesson is hilarious! Of course I hear things like that all the time over here........

Posted by: Skippy-san on Sep 06, 06 | 8:12 pm


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