Ouch - Redux

Back from the Doctor. She was all ears, listening for the click in my knee. She heard nothing. Deaf bitch.

"Well it can't be all that much of a tear can it?" she asked as E@L demonstrated a relatively full range of motion unrestricted by pain. "Must be pretty minor. I admit it IS swollen. Should heal quickly enough, then."

"It's really only on extension that it catches," said E@L, demonstrating again and going OWW! to prove it hurts, "and even then only sometimes. Like when I have been sitting blogging working at my computer... Or when I do this. But it really hurts, like, really a lot..."

She sits with her chin in hand going, "Mmmm," in classic decider's pose, deciding whether this could be a shirker's compensation pose...

"OK, you might as well have some of those tablets which are almost identical to the ones that kill everyone at risk for heart disease, and if your knee still hurts next week, or if you're dead, call me."

And rub some cream on it. And get an inexpensive knee brace. And stop whingeing. And lose weight.

This last comment appears to have become my Doctor's way of saying, "Don't forget to pay as you leave."

My concern with these COX inhibitors is the same as every thinking man's. Will they interfere with my cock's enhancers?


Despite no medical advice re: exercise being given, E@L is going for a swim now. Let's see how out of condition he has become after two weeks of holidays -- great wine, great meals in Hua Hin, Geelong and Melbourne, not least highlight of which was the magnificent biscuits from Brunetti's, a gourmand's institution, in Faraday St, Carlton.


Go there and die. In the nicest possible way.


As soon as I think "diet", I immediately go to into some exctasy or other over food. Why is that?



Posted by: expat@large on Sep 05, 06 | 6:49 pm | Profile


Because some foods really are addictive...hope your ok? Since I am assuming you are not actually a whinging bastard and are really in pain.

Posted by: Indiana on Sep 06, 06 | 7:24 am

The third biscuit from the left - a chocolate-dipped Italian shortbread sandwiched with jam in the middle... OMFG!

I should be keeping off my knee as much as possible for a week or so but I came into work today as it wasn't hurting at home. Naturally the walking and stairs etc getting here have made it more painful now. Silly me. But she didn't give a certificate, the bitch.

It's not bad at all really, it hurts most when it catches as I extend, like standing up after sitting down for a while.

Nothing like a whopping great sprained ankle like some atherletes such as yerself get...

Posted by: expat@large on Sep 06, 06 | 10:56 am


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