Vulgar Hallux

Day one of a holiday with multiple golf games planned... Walking up the stairs to a party on the first (second) floor, E@L glances up to see who is on the balcony and fails to notice that the step is slightly narrower where the the stairwell curves. He bangs the front of his left foot heavily into the riser and stumbles, one, two, falling forward onto his hands and knees.

Instantly his big toe throbs, but he gets up and makes up to the top with an embarrassed limp. His son, doing nothing particularly useful to aid and assist his ailing father passes from behind him asking, "Dad, you all right?" as he reaches for a glass of beer. For himself.

It didn't hurt so much then, but as the evening progressed, swelling and bruising progressed as well. By midnight he is in agony. He accepts some codeine for his toe from his not particulalry hip b-i-l who has them on hand for his arthritic knees.

Eventually E@L gets home to son's place, and takes off sock to inspect:


YEOW. Holy mother of fucking hell, no wonder it hurts... With years of experience X-raying wimps with stubbed toes, E@L can tell at a glance: that looks broken. He'll have to pop into a clinic for a real X-ray for confirmation. If there is a crack and it extends into the articular surface it could mean long term problems like arthritis etc...

Damn. No golf, unless things magically get better.

For now: RICE






And one of the ice cubes goes into a glass for a shot of straight Amaretto as a digestif...


For those of still on tenterhooks over the LITTLE toe damage caused by the shopping trollies from hell a few weeks ago, his toenail fell off last week.



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 19, 06 | 11:36 pm | Profile


and you thought your feet were buggered before--ooyaya

Posted by: the Ex on Aug 20, 06 | 4:47 am

see? shoulda stayed in singapore and gone to hideout.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Aug 20, 06 | 8:01 am

Ex: they pain from everything else has disappeared: -- relatvely speaking... I'm hitting some Voltaren as well.

MM: what Singapore social masterpiece did I miss? Anyone turn up?

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 20, 06 | 9:51 am

it's *this* wednesday.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Aug 21, 06 | 7:31 am

Holy moly! That's an awful bugger of a toe bruise!

Posted by: frenchcuffs on Aug 21, 06 | 3:33 pm

X-rays (snuck in to the old hospital) showed no fracture. Arthritis was setting in however... Should be healed enough for tomorrow's game of golf.

OK, MM have a good time tomorrow!

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 22, 06 | 5:52 pm


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