Call back later.

A blog to say that there's nothing worth reading here. Move along. Nothing to see...

Go to YouTube and watch random videos. Get a life. Read a book. Write a novel. Write a short story in 7 days. Teach your children well. Learn a new language yourself. Learn to ride a unicycle. Compose a poem. Play chess online, better yet play chess with a real live in-the-flesh person.

Me? Some of the above but mainly:-

Training in the office, with bland non-blogworthy work social life in the evenings... then, from Saturday on, holiday in Melbourne with not much Internet access.

Ah, Melbourne: cheap food at the brilliant Vic Market... cheap golf everywhere... cheap wine everywhere... cold weather thrown in for FREE!



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 17, 06 | 1:17 pm | Profile


So how about a blog worthy social outing this Friday evening?

Posted by: Indiana on Aug 17, 06 | 2:06 pm

Ahhh, flying out Friday night to start holidays Saturday.

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 17, 06 | 11:41 pm

Yup, bloody clod down there. Just got back yeaterday. Most excellent food (Enri's, Tamari Cafe and Toorak Thai for instance) and I love Dan Murphy's, a candy store for us alcoholics!

BTW, did you know that your blog is blocked by Net Nanny in the Sydney ANZ biz class lounge hahahahahaha. Damn that Thai flight that stops in SYD before getting to MEL.

Posted by: Dan at ExPatLife on Aug 18, 06 | 3:00 pm


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