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Inspirational Star Trek


via Jorn, the first person allegedly to use the word "weblog."



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 14, 06 | 11:34 pm | Profile


Jorn, not Jorg. Silly rabbit.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Aug 15, 06 | 6:47 am

What Jorg? always Jorn... But does he pronounce it as Bjorn?

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 15, 06 | 9:12 am

"I donít need to get drunk to have a good time. I have a personality." I think i'll make T shirts and give to my AA buddies for confidence.

hey, speaking of drinking, I got 30+ days without a drink! not bad ehh?

new mexico/singapore

Posted by: david martinez on Aug 15, 06 | 9:47 am

Provided your buddies actually HAVE personalities! 30+! Well done. Keep it up.

Speaking of addiction, I have been 4 days without paying for sex! Is that good? That was the first time for 2 months. Don't think I've fallen off the wagon yet.

However, the kopi and kaya toast bug has got me BBBAAAAaaaaaaDDDD...

& on a related note I have gone 18 years without living with a partner. Very proud of that one. I am rock. I am an island. And a rock feels no pain. But a rock needs kopi and kaya jam on toast...

BTW your comment is under the WRONG post... What am I going to do with you guys?

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 15, 06 | 10:53 am


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