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Dear Ms Bhavani (


I am sure that you were as shocked as I was by the blatant example of partisan "reporting" in the Saturday August 5 2006 Edition of The Straits Times, page S8, in an article entitled "PAP: From Conservative to Cool", attributed to Peh Shing Huei and Ken Kwek. Sorry, but I can't provide a "hotlink" as I am not a paid up registered member of the Strait Times.

My dear god! "The PAP may be streets ahead of its opponents..." read the sub-heading. This is exactly the sort of press bias you were criticizing from that anonymous blogger "mr brown" so very recently. Can these journalists not read nor understand your express wishes for journalisits not to take "a political position." It's almost like there is no great affective divide between what they are saying and what the PAP says.

To paraphrase your good self; "They are polemics dressed up as analysis, praising the Government for all that they are happy with."

Rest assured that I refused to read on into the rest of the article lest my mind be perverted with those anti-Singapore poisons, democracy and free-speech. I am sure most other enlightened readers similarly assigned the piece to the role of stale-fish-wrapping it no doubt deserved. I only hope such freedoms will not be allowed in times of potential crisis, such as the upcoming IMF meeting! I am reassured to read on the Internet that ( "Singapore, the host country of the mid-September event, is sparing little to ensure that it lives up to its legacy as an affluent city state where universally accepted democratic principles -- such as the right to freedom of association -- are banned."

But you know, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet, can you?

But back to the matter at hand; this PAP puff piece... I expect that a stern letter from you to the newspaper, or STOMP, or somewhere equally hard-hitting, will see these people promptly relieved of their positions at the newspaper and they will have to resort to the meagre incomes possible from Google Ad-sense from their blogging and podcasting efforts.

We all await your proclamations with bated breath, and expect to see these perpetrators resigned to the dust-bin of political commentary history.

As an associated question, I wonder whether, and when - if the answer is 'yes' - we can expect a similarly sized, positive and enlightened piece on the opposition parties to counter-balance the effects of what appears to be a piece of blatant partisan advertorialising by the PAP.




Posted by: expat@large on Aug 06, 06 | 9:25 pm | Profile



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