Vale Singapore Serf - Knight of Pentacles

I just became aware of this from BohemianLisa.

Just on 2 weeks ago blogger Singapore Serf passed away. I had made a few comments on his blog and had him on RSS but never met him. He was living in Perth, delivering pizzas for a while. I enjoyed his intelligent controlled writing style. His last post on the difference between Aussie and Singaporean traffic police bureaucracy was most enjoyable.

His travails on the Australian immigration bureaucracy however I found interesting for different reasons, as they tallied with Lisa's troubled experience I think. Australia is far from a perfect country. Otherwise I'd be there, right? But it's better than many other places...

KoP was, I realise now, that thinking Singaporean whom Xenoboy was referring to recently, one of those who had found it necessary to leave Singapore rather than be forced to either acquiesce to or rebel against their certain serf-dom. People who just want to live a normal life, you know? (Or if you are a happy Singaporean in Singapore, then maybe you don't.)

And now sadly, that goal, much more easily achievable in Australia - though not guaranteed due to the employment and tax situations - has been cut short for him.

Rest in peace.


[Typically, I had read Xenoboy's post at the time and totally missed his message...]


Posted by: expat@large on Aug 04, 06 | 6:36 pm | Profile


sigh ... there was a hyperlink?

Personally never met him, but knew him from the days in a discussion forum when he made the decision and followed it through. Documenting each step in the process.

For moments, we hoped with him and rejoiced with him. It was almost like a collective journey.

His is a valuable alternative narrative which has been left in cyberspace for us to ponder.

Posted by: XenoBoy on Aug 05, 06 | 12:57 am

Sorry I disappoint you. I disappoint everybody eventually... Yeah I say the link at the time, but perhaps I just wasn't thinking demise, just sort of retirement from blogging, and you were being rhetorical. You some can be, you know. And hey, I am thick. I only just realised that Pale Fire was about Nabokov's father.


I'd joked a bit with KoP, ordered a pizza, but he refused to deliver to Newton.

His success could have been exemplary, should have been inevitable, would have been inspiring...

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 05, 06 | 1:20 am

ha! pithy excuses! when u become a successful chick lit writer u'll juz forget everyone
yea its a sad passing ...

Well do it now Do it now
Take a long last bow
Take my hand Make a stand
And blow it all to hell

Lay me low
When I go

Posted by: XenoBoy on Aug 05, 06 | 3:11 am


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