Bloody Hacked Again!

Another rogue file made it to my host's compewter! Another group from Romania who scored RED on several Hacker DNS searches, had started sending email from an inoccuous 4kb file they had put onto my root directory two days ago that pulled up some HTML in the rough shape of this:


It seems to be the same script again as last time.

I have blocked IP addresses that accessed the file, for what that is worth. I also have changed all my passwords again. I have sinking a feeling someone from a site called "" was slinking in on MY password...



This is the sort of shit that got my blog banned from the British Airways Business Class Lounge in Heathrow! It claims E@L was a phishing site, which it was unknowingly after being hacked the first time!


Almost makes the drunken prawns we had for dinner turn sour...



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 03, 06 | 12:09 am | Profile


People just love your little corner of the web.

Posted by: Indiana on Aug 03, 06 | 9:12 am

Mainly frequented by rogues, rapscallions and rotten rats...

Plus a coupla nice enough people...

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 03, 06 | 9:21 am

Well I am definitely a rouge and rapscallion...but a dirty rat, NEVER.

Posted by: Indiana on Aug 03, 06 | 9:40 am


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