Come sail your ships around me
and burn your bridges down
we make a little history baby
every time you come around

Come loose your dogs upon me
and let your hair hang down
you are a little mystery to me
every time you call around.

We talk about it all night long
we define our moral ground
but when I crawl into your arms
everything, it comes tumbling down.

Come sail your ships around me
and burn your bridges down
we make a little history baby
every time you come around

Your face has fallen sad now
for you know the time is nigh
when I must move your wings
and you, you must try to fly

Come sail your ships around me
and burn your bridges down
we make a little history maybe
every time you come around

Come loose your dogs upon me
and let your hair hang down
you are a little mystery to me
every time you call around

Come sail your ships around me
and burn your bridges down
we make a little history baby
every time you come around
(Nick Cave)


Matt was down from Hong Kong over the weekend, which is partly the reason why blogging has been light, and he had a plan for our week-end already made out. It was flexible-ish, but the three core items on his agenda where these:

1 - Friday Night - Prince of Wales, the All-Aussie back-packer pub in Little India. Definitely Fosters Central.

2 - Golf - At some stage.

3 - Saturday night - Bledisloe Cup - By how much are Australia going to lose to New Zealand this time?

We stuck to the plan early and went to Little India to hear Mega-Stimulator (Mega is Justin, Stim is Stim) play with guests "Rock-Star" Cameron (because he looks like Moby) and Ninth-State fronts-man Pete Gilham, both also down from Hong Kong. A night almost completely comprised of Aussie sing-a-long anthems, and no, not one Rolf Harris number in there. Some Hunters & Collectors (when the Ex and I separated, she got the Collectors, I got the Hunters), The Church, Midnight Oil, Powderfinger, Hoodoo Gurus, and heap of other artists I don't know the names of but know enough words to sorta mouth along to ...

Not to mention the Nick Cave song transcribed above, with chords for you strum along to once you get the idea of the tune - just posted to my Radioblog as well (shitty rip, I'll do it again later on another computer On Xenoboy's recommendation, I've put the positively up-tempo Live version up for your suicidalisationary delectation)... Quite a dirge, but if you play it a bit faster yourself [Add: or like the Live version], it becomes a very nice tune. Mega was gazing all-love-struck in the direction of his girlf-friend all throughout MegaStimulator's rendition, so I presume it is THEIR Song, in a sort of creepy lovey-dovey way that sours E@L's stomach more than too much cheap beer.

The high point of the evening, however, was when E@L correctly answered the first mystery question to win SEVEN overly gassy James Boag beers. Uuurp... The answer was Chris Bailey of The Saints - Just Like Fire Would. You can surmise the question.

The low point of the evening was when E@L correctly answered the second mystery question but was disallowed because, well, wait and see...

The name of the song from which the question emerged has danced back parlously into the fog of alcohol, but the question that came out of was this:

"Define 'dilettante'... "

"Ooh, ooh, ooh" goes E@L pumping his little arm, "Ask me sir."

But Stimulator waved him away disqualified as already having won a prize. He instead pestered the rowdy boys up the back but not many of them had ever heard any three syllable words before, least of all within the lyrics of an Aussie song... [Unless it referenced "kangaroos"...] "Anyone, anyone...?" E@L is thumping his chest up in the front of the mosh-pit queue for the toilet, seeking attention, so Stim gave in and said "OK Phil, come up here and tell everybody..."

So E@L climbed to the stage and reached up for the mike, fuck Stim is a tall streak of misery, just as his brain went numb due to the effect of the absolutely horrible beer he was drinking (he would be glad when he'd had enough!) So he babbled something less felicitous than the OED perfect definition, along the following lines...

"It sapperson oooze norruly all that good on somefin he sezziers. Sorta like amachewer as posed to fessional... Sorta like... yooze guys..." and he sweeps his hands around to indicate the band... hoping the gesture would be understood as a joke, if it was noticed at all.

Stimulator, quite the sober gent, took back the mike with a wry smile. "That was 100%..." he enunciated clearly, directing E@L to the laborer's exit with a well placed hand in the middle of his back, "WRONG!" The crowd went crazy, those that were listening. "In fact it means: An Art Lover. I looked it up in a dictionary!"

"Fucken wagnells," mumbled E@L ... "Wotha fuck? Maw tuit thanat..."

Luckily for E@L, Stim's Not Quite So Deep Knowledge of the English Language allowed him to consume no more of that impotent Tasmanian brew - usually Boags is quite nice, but this batch must have been left out in the sun.

dil·et·tante (dil'i-tänt', dil'i-tänt', -tän'te, -tant', -tan'te)
n., pl. -tantes also -tan·ti (-tän'te, -tan'-).
1. A dabbler in an art or a field of knowledge. See synonyms at amateur.
2. A lover of the fine arts; a connoisseur.

dilettante (dil-uh-tahnt, dil-uh-tahnt)
Someone who is interested in the fine arts as a spectator, not as a serious practitioner. Dilettante is most often used to mean a dabbler, someone with a broad but shallow attachment to any field.

The irony of Stim not really knowing the full meaning of the word, well at least not being aware its usual quasi-pejorative usage was not lost on E@L nor on Matt, although others were just a tad unimpressed by the whole big-words and lexicon thing.

E@L did go up to put Stim right at the end of the set. You know, for a tall athletic guy, he doesn't actually punch all that hard.


The golf was totally unorganized by E@L - he had sequestered Thomas into the logistics, but that was a failure - so we ended up waiting for Sunday and hiring a taxi from the JB stand and going to Palm Villa Resort. 91 for E@L - not bad, not bad at all, considering there were 2 lost balls, one just on the edge of the fairway! 115 for Matt - not bad, as he's only been playing a few months. Keep your left foot DOWN on your backswing, Mr Matt!


Caught the rugby at Harry's in Holland and then had chicken wings, pizza, beers, margaritas, gins and tonic at Wala Wala with Thomas and Pix. Fortunately for us sober types, that heavy drinker the 50' Zombie Divorcee was not about - maybe in her cave gnawing on the bones of some other unlucky fellow.


Back to preparing to my ulcer-inducing no-win presentation in Bangkok.

Blogging lightly again next few weeks. Oh, though I will be out for dinner with PC and MM and Smoot tomorrow night at some mystery seafood place in Defu Lane.

Then to BKK, followed by that trip to Ben-Tre, deep in country Vietnam,


... just a few clicks up the Mekong... one of our distributors has gone crazy and set himself up as some sort of god-king to the natives. I have to ask him to retire, or retire him myself. I am just an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill...

I will be working on my short-story up there (not based on HoD, but on the Stalinist Terror and literary purges), as well as a piece for the Australian Sonographer's Association Journal about the trip, which I might also send off to Conde-Nast Traveler (NOT!)... Or Mad Magazine.


And a big HELLO to Macka in HK! I hear you ran into Robby today. She was calling me and then a Beemer ran into her taxi! Something contagious? I hope not!



Posted by: expat@large on Aug 01, 06 | 11:00 pm | Profile


Gday E@L...had a couple vinos at the yacht club with Robby yesterday lunch time while the rest of the world was toiling...very pleasant afternoon and you were the subject matter (in glowing terms!) for some period of the discussions... i am on gardening leave until new job starts end of august...actually duffy (his ribs are back in working order) and i will be in kata phuket for a week of golf commencing 14th aug if you are in the vicinity. Will have a look to see whether loch palm has been able to recover from the shellacking we gave it last time out!!

Posted by: mackie1 on Aug 02, 06 | 3:06 pm

despair and deception,
love's ugly little twins,
they come a-knockin
on my doors
and I let them in ...

Thats a Cave song more in sync with you i imagine, haha

for the ship song, if you get the live version which is in his best of double CD, tis much better than the album version coz its ... er faster

an expat in sg listening to cave, throw in a coupla wong kar wai movies, sure recipe for suicide ... mind you

Posted by: XenoBoy on Aug 02, 06 | 9:46 pm

Hahaha, it's laugh a minute with Nick!

I did Let Love In once, but to be sure I left money on the sidetable for her.

For your Xenofit, I mean benefit I have updated the Radioblog with the All Rockin' All Dancin' Live Version. About the pace the boys played it on Friday, actually. (But it was such a struggle getting my PC to rip the first version anywhere near properly, I just gave up and went to bed. Alone, sigh -- I had Let Love Out.)

Trouble with my compewter, more suicidalisationary than Chris Doyle's moody colors and Tony Leung's meaningless looks...

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 02, 06 | 10:48 pm

oh thank thee, mebbe one day i'll trade his nyc brooklyn gig in a large cavernous church for an expensive merlot ... it was a suitably depressing gig.

enough poor portmanteaus, or a diletaletto down thy throat!

Posted by: XenoBoy on Aug 03, 06 | 12:35 am

a depressing gig -- as would spending substantial money on merlot be...

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 03, 06 | 9:44 am

Small world: I was talking to both Pete and Cam just last weekend: http://www.diaspoir.net/blog/mt/2006/07/pete_rawks.html,

and I used to play that very song with Cam and Mega many years ago in the old Flying Pig.

Posted by: odaiwai on Aug 05, 06 | 12:24 am

I remember the Flying Pig! Where Dream Cafe is now, or next floor down or up... somewhere...

I was a bit of a groupy at F-stop meself...

I have pictures of Cam and Mega from 1998/99? playing dressed in bear suits or something, at the Policeground in Aberdeen - there was football match. Was it Anzac day or Australia Day or something? Don't have em here, they're on my other computer.

Posted by: expat@large on Aug 05, 06 | 12:56 am


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