Off Again

To Tokyo this time. Gotta leave in 40 minutes or so.

No time to give you the "Attack of The 50ft Zombie Divorcee" story from Sunday night - ask Mercer, he was witness to most of it. He even asked me to dinner with a set-up date (or so I hope assume) to help me get over the trauma. Unfortunately I'll be in Hai! Tokyo! Domo! Vokarimas! Hai! Land of the Nipon.

One classic line from Sunday night though -

"What would you like to drink?" asks E@L .

"Gin," replies 50'ZD. "Better make it a bottle."


Light blogging ahead. Doubt that there'll be much opportunity to log in from the cupboard they call a room in my hotel in Shinjuku. What really irritates me is that the show is in Roppongi... Ah well, you can party in Shinjuku too, right Skippy?


Got an interesting trip coming up next month though. Ben Tre in Vietnam, a place only accessible by ferry. You might want to Google that more extensively than I have time for right now and let me know what the highlights are...

I do know that there is a restaurant where you ride your motorcycles right up to your table. And that , apparently, is the classiest place in town.



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 18, 06 | 8:33 pm | Profile


50'ZD there has to be a funny story in that...

...but at least you can stop complaining about meeting someone ~grin~

Posted by: Indiana on Jul 18, 06 | 10:22 pm

Well the whole thing was sold to me in a different package. Was told that it was all good but she was racist (?????).

To which I asked if you were not white enough - what did we need, bleach?

Posted by: Smootie on Jul 19, 06 | 5:44 pm

Indy; meeting : being hunted as live flesh for zombie meal - fine line.

Smoot; the scary thing was how willing I went to the slaughter. Politics: somewhere right of Genghis Khan. Father was an ex-cop who mysteriously took early retirement just before the Fitzgerald Enquiry... Google that.

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 19, 06 | 9:06 pm

Ahhh but beggers can't be choosers...or can we ~grin~

Posted by: Indiana on Jul 21, 06 | 12:31 am


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