What NOT to do in London

Fucking scary country over there, glad I got out without getting detained or arrested!

Don't do:

1: This

Which tells you NOT to: Be overheard whispering that a metal detector in the London Underground is "a piece of shit that wouldn't stop anything". (£80 on-the-spot fine and a lot of harrassment.)

2: That

Which tells you NOT to: Wear a raincoat and a packback and use a mobile phone while entering a tube station. (The week after the police shot and killed Jean de Menezes, another innocent Londer was arrested for "suspicious behaviour" and a tube station was shut down while they interviewed him and confiscated his possessions. Then they search his flat, etc, etc... A Hitchcock Thriller! A year later the case still not resolved - he has an "arrest" on his Police Record. Try getting a US Work Visa with that! It is all fully documented on his blog.)

And don't forget NOT to : Take a photograph in or around a tube station.

3: A Few Others

Which tells you NOT to:

Do much of anything really...

Read a newspaper in front of 10 Downing St

Quote George Orwell in Public.

Read out the names of the War Dead in Iraq at the War Memorial (Cenotaph)

Accuse a politician of lying.

Disobey an ASBO. (A sort of publicly generated police-enforcable restraining order. If you break the ASBO you can go to jail for up to 5 years even if you haven't broken any law!)


There were cameras everywhere I looked in London. They prolly got a nice one of me wetting my pants in that lane behind the Oxford St Starbucks...

Thanks to HKMacs for pointing these out and making me feel slightly better about living in Singapore. No wonder I had this sense of unease while I there - it reminded me of "home".

I have this horrible vision the world gradually creeping towards a nasty giant Police State. Everywhere turning into something like Burma or Stasiland (old East Germany). I should have checked the calendar whilst in London. Was it 2006 or 1984?



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 16, 06 | 2:23 am | Profile


Hmm. Interesting. And here I was considering moving. You recommend HK over UK then?

Posted by: knobby on Jul 27, 06 | 12:02 pm

I recommend HK over Singapore (where I am now) and UK. Still, all governments and adminstrations are bloated with self-serving and old-boy favoring beaurocrats... You cannot escape political stupidity, cronyism and public-money extraction subterfuge anywhere. However in HK you can forget about this, party hard, make lotsa money and then retire in the sunshine somewhere.

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 27, 06 | 1:26 pm

That settles it then.

Posted by: knobby on Jul 27, 06 | 3:03 pm


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