Suicide Watch - Israel

Can anybody explain, rationally, why Israel is trying to get every country in the world to turn against it - I mean those that haven't already? Israel are certainly losing the media war, but they should be used to that by now.

And I was prepared to go to Lebanon very soon... Talking with the MiddleEast guy in Tripoli, "Sure it's safe!" they were saying! Now here's another country's business confidence literally shot to hell.

Fucking idiot Israelis, total overreaction, but what can you expect from a hyped-up bunch of super-militiarized zealots. See a problem? Blow it up and invade it... Sound like anyone else we know?

As my Jewish ex-flatmate used to say: "There shouldn't even BE an Israel until the Messiash comes!"



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 14, 06 | 1:06 am | Profile


While I am a non believer in any God, and object to the establishment of any land or state based on religion, I must sometimes side with the Jewish frustration that Palestinians continue to lauch rockets into their U.N. established homeland, and so there are reprisals.

I personally think the Jews should have been invited to New York and we could have avoided this ongoing mess, but we're stuck with it, and rather than support the nutcases in Syria and Iran, I'll go with Israel.

Peace in our time. Let's give Palestine their own country, so long as quit bugging Israel.

Posted by: Frisko on Jul 14, 06 | 7:24 am

I know this is not really appropriate in view of the subject matter of this entry, but THANKEWWWW FOR THE TWIXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!

Posted by: Smootie on Jul 14, 06 | 9:12 am

I am no fan of religion at all. I feel that Israel's reactions to the these continual rocket attacks are inappropriately excessive, given that Israel handling of Palestinians has been extremely provocative over many years, but particularly since Sharon visited the shrine at the Temple Mount in 2000 - which triggered the resurgence of ongoing hostilities.

The secular world had made such progress since the enlightenment - when people first began to realize that they shouldn't be making political and even personal decisions based on what some irrationally chosen "god" was interpreted to have ordained. Philosophers of that time felt they could provide sufficient justification for man's goodness and constructive behaviour without relying on a First Cause or God.

Religion and the belief in what some "holy book" says allows people to segregate the world into Us and Other. Like I was trying to say in my Belief post, once they are Other they are Wrong. Once they are Wrong it appropriate to kill them. According to what their book says. (See Sam Harris: The End of Faith)

Since the Islam expasions of the late 1st millenium, Muslim Arabs have felt that the Palestinan land was theirs. They view Israelis the way they viewed Richard The Lionheart et al - as interlopers, as invaders, as pillagers.

Since the creation of the state of Israel, the Isreaelis have been in a constant war-status. They are the most heavily militiarised state in the world, on defensive mode becasue of the threat they feel from all around them. But because they believe God has given them this land, not the UN. (In fact Abraham's initial tenure on the land was legally very shaky!)

There is no answer but to invade all their countries and convert them to athiesm...

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 14, 06 | 10:31 am

As a citizen of a country which suffered under the Japanese Occupation, it's natural for me to feel sympathy for a people who're similarly subjucated under violent foreign occupiers.

Posted by: chlim01 on Jul 14, 06 | 5:00 pm


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