Infantile Singapore: Press and Government

Shocked and stunned to see that mr brown's piece on "Progress" got him sacked from the TODAY newspaper after one of the government's officials (a press secretary) drew exceptions to his midly peeved but deeply heartfelt comments (he just lost some support for his autistic daughter's schooling through a new means test [those rich bloggers]).

I'll say it again: what a fucked country, Singapore.

Singabloodypore government again reveals itself to be full of whining, infantile, hypocritical pricks ("more openness for Singapore" HA!) and the press is pathetic, infantile, scared and gutless for giving in so easily.

Boycott TODAY forever! And the StraitsTimes because it is crap as well. Read The NYT, The Age and The Guardian instead, all available FREE online.

[Addendum: feline satirist MollyMeek nails perfectly Ms Bhavani's outright hypocrisy when she highlights how the Press Secretary complains that mr brown's peevish complaints are - shock horror - "partisan" while failing to admit, let alone condemn the BLATANT pro-PAP propagandah partisanship of the Straits Times during the recent, for want of a better word, election. ]


One could be an optimist cynical and say that maybe now he is unemployed mr brown might fail that means test and get the much needed financial aid for his daughter's schooling back. Always looking on the bright side of life: cue whistling...



Posted by: expat@large on Jul 08, 06 | 7:10 am | Profile


This is yet more fodder to share with my Cambodian students.

Cambodia has a rank of #90 in the latest RSF Press Freedom Index, compared with Singapore's lowly #140.

Not surprisingly, many Cambodians I know who've been to Singapore have little desire to be back.

Posted by: chlim01 on Jul 08, 06 | 6:58 pm

*I* have little desire to go back (on Monday) except that all my books are there.

It's just one of those groan-making things...

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 09, 06 | 6:29 am


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