Eight Miles Hi

I hope you turkeys appreciate what I have done for your reading entertainment: I just paid $9.95 to log in and blog this from my flight Singapore to London - the Tripoli leg is after four hours stop-over in Heathrow. Boring.

Nothing much to say but Hi.


Nearly missed the plane: with the washine machine broken down (now fixed, but just a bit too late to do a load of washing) I was a bit short on clean laundry. So I rushed to Marks and Spencers who are the only place other than Calvin Klein who do a reasonable line of cotton/lycra underwear. Need three pairs. Rush in - special on, 3 for 2 or something, but NO LYCRA!

Now a man in the tropics needs support and felixibilty to avoid chaffing and lycra is the answer.

Why all of a sudden is LYCRA on short supply? First vegemite, now underpants!

Found some cheap and nasty replacements of in Little Johns or John Littles...

Taxi queue from hell at Plaza Singapura - catch train - rush home - pack - 1:45 before flight-time - call taxi - BUSY! It takes 15 minutes to get a taxi. Finally, get on to the AYE - traffic jam from hell - accident in lane 1! Change to PIE... Arrive just in time to check in. Straight to the lounge and they're already boarding...


For want of a pair of clean underpants!




p.s. watching Basic Instinct 2 in the front seat of Business Class with everybody looking over my shoulder at Sharon Stone fucking some guy at an orgy... Why are films on SIA films uncensored, yet they are in Singapore?


Posted by: expat@large on Jul 01, 06 | 11:33 am | Profile


Welcome to Tripoli where you can expect disaster daily, if not hourly. Don't bother with underwear here because it's just too damn hot!


Posted by: khadijateri on Jul 03, 06 | 3:36 pm

Plus you shit yourself so often with the traffic!

Al Qaddafi waving his clenched hands at me from posters every km or so is also scary enough.

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 04, 06 | 2:07 am

Oh - you will get used to 'The Leader' after a while may even find him amusing!


Posted by: khadijateri on Jul 04, 06 | 3:45 am

Hello! I realised from personal experience (finally getting to watch Fatal Attraction without any edits) that they show the uncensored version of the movies in SIA's business class. Maybe they think if you're able to cough up the extra to fly Business, then you should be sufficiently mature to watch a few simulated sex scenes. Yay!

Why are you doing ultrasounds on old women? Are they pregnant? Or cystic?

Posted by: Smootie on Jul 05, 06 | 10:13 am

Not with all the screaming brats sitting behind me! The flight to London was a Kiddy Klass, not Business Class.

Khadji, I hope that I won't be here THAT long!

Posted by: expat@large on Jul 05, 06 | 8:00 pm

You never know.... people come here and decide for some weird reason to stay and stay and stay....

Posted by: khadijateri on Jul 06, 06 | 4:39 am


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