Asia Blog Awards 2006

AsiaPundit's Chris Myrick has seen that all the flaggelators have been snaffled up by albino Opus Dei freaks, so to answer his need to inflict self-punishment, he has opted to take on the Asia Blog Awards. Good on you Chris. Tough job.


I just can't think of anywhere to nominate myself in his list, expansive though it is... I think Mike's list of categories for the totally undersupported Siggies had more opportunity for ex-centric bloggers such as myself.

I mean, I hardly rate as a Singaporean blog because I use English (mostly)... Woo-oh! Meeow!! Nasty!

Also I don't blog about Singapore all that often - what is there to say that hasn't been said? The taxi-drivers are useless arseholes... done that ten times. And I am not funny ALL the time (if at all) so it's not really a Humour blog. I am not a Diarist, a Satirist, an Activist, a BaconGravyLettuceTomato sandwich, a Businessman, Designer, Essayist, Bridge (dental technician?), etc, etc...

Maybe next year the host'll think of a category suitable for wandering Expats such as moi, who blog about anything, anywhere, anywhere, anytime and do not feel the need to offer posts according to some theme or on topics that can be generalised, stratified, pigeonholed, in-the-fold, stereo-type-pod-cast, micro-marketed, target-demographicised, classified, categorised or in any way offered an allocation in some suitable buttoned-down taxonomy other than something like --

Random Rants On Any Theme.

If you, valued readers, either of you, CAN think of somewhere to place E@L in the list, please feel free to nominate.


I hardly read anyone else's blogs these days, so I wouldn't have a clue who to nominate. You think I am joking? OK, I'm joking. Four. There'd be four steady bloggers I regularly read - I just don't have the time to get so into too many other people's lives, know what I mean? That'd be Mia, Spike, Skippy, MdmeChiang and Indy. Five. And OK Smoot, the only Singaporean blog I am vaguely interested in - to find out what sweets or desert she is hooked on next and what MachineBoy is doing... So make it six. (My other regulars have stopped blogging.) A few others I lurk at through RSS feeds, or are irregular posters, but you have to have a life, right?

I mean, I do have a full-time job other than blogging and reading blogs. Fuck I spent most of yesterday and today trying to explain the quadrature phase detection of color Doppler signals in three easy Powerpoint slides for our training course next month. It took five moderately difficult ones, but otherwise they wouldn't know what the buttons on the machine actually DO. Then I had to look up all the latest research on measurements of the distensability of the carotid artery (how much it dilates with the pulse of your heart-beat) in people with hypertension and risk factors for heart disease for my India trip next week.

Sorry, but as well as work, we all have books to read, movies to watch, bars to go to (The Sake Bar, Neil Rd - $180 a 720ml bottle, all gone, WHOOPS!), dinner to cook order, dishes and laundry to wash (seperately), TV to doze in front of...



Posted by: expat@large on Jun 14, 06 | 9:18 pm | Profile


I'm honored to be included on your list. Having a poor writer such as myself read by a good one is a real compliment.......

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jun 16, 06 | 10:56 am

Skippy, I do enjoy and empathise with many of your rants even though I agree with only about 50% of them... golf, politics the SO... Plus you regularly read mine and make comments so I return the favour.

Writing style has little to do with the honesty with which you express your opinions, which is what makes it interesting for me.

But for some reason deeper than style or content I click on your blog...

Maybe it means I am not a discerning reader? Should I instead find more literary or intellectual or informative blogs about this or that, things closer ot my sensibilities, opinions and interests.

Maybe. But hey, there aren't that many unpretentious Expat sites out there, people just saying what they feel like about the Expat condition without some Axe to Grind or Reputation to Uphold or Money to Make. You and Spike - what do you gain by blogging? Nothing except gettting things of your chest.

And I feel like I know you now, like I know a character in a novel, I mean. I know I don't REALLY know you, we may not even get on in real life (I seem to get on OK with Spike vis-a-vis), but your blogs are like a novel I am in the middle of and therefore why stop? Why start another novel when I haven't finished this one?

Some of my old old friends in Australia who I can see only rarely, asked why I am their still friend even though we don't work together any more, have totally different lives... Other people I worked with I don't keep in touch with. Why them? I don't know. Why? Why not? What should I do, "discard my friends to change the scenery"? - as Billy Corgan sings - just because they have nothing to 'offer me' except good conversation and anecdotes about their lives? I want to know what happens to them, I care about them. Plus they listen to my anecdotes patiently and smile at the right times.

Ultimately, everything is a waste of time, why not waste it together?

I might have to think deeper about this and turn it into a blog post on its own.


Posted by: expat@large on Jun 16, 06 | 12:07 pm

You read my blog for Bobo McClung? I'm flattered. Most of the time it's a wailing wall, although on the internet, no one can hear you wail.

btw, have just gone out on a limb to try another flavour of choc cake from Awfully Chocolate and it's the awfully yummy Banana Chocolate cake. Good, but still can't hold a candle to the Goodwood Park durian cake which comes with vegemite on the side if you're nice to the cake lady.

Posted by: Smootie on Jun 20, 06 | 10:04 am


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