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How About Them Aussies? Soccer ? Love it!

3 frecking 1!!!


3 goals in the last minutes! Superb skill and mastery! Australia's first ever goals in The World Cup! Three of them!

We had been sitting there watching it all evening at the Dutch Club, going, jeez this wog-ball is boring, innit? It's like tantric sex, we were saying: all foreplay and no climax, which is fine if you're the Emperor and have build up your Ying to impregnate the first wife with a boy-child, but holy shit if you don't really understand the tactics of the game it was dull and boring for the first 85 minutes... Offside? WTF is that? Just have a freaking SHOT! The beers were going done OK but the conversation was lagging.

And the bloody Japanese were all falling over and clutching their ankles like nancy-boys for no reason that any Rugby or Aussie rules player would have even noticed that his socks needed pulling up for...

And then Bang! And then BANG!! And then BANG!!!



Brazil must be quaking in their fancy favorite boots!


Or maybe not (let's be realistic!)



Posted by: expat@large on Jun 12, 06 | 11:48 pm | Profile


Meanwhile, over here in Nihon, they are crying in their Asahi.............

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jun 13, 06 | 3:01 pm

Someone made a very un-PC coment on the evening --

"It was just like WWII. The Japs thought they had it won, and then all a sudden we come in with surprise charges in the last minutes; Bang there goes the Philippines; Bang there goes the Pacific; and then BANG atom bomb attack to finish them off..."

Needless to say I was very unamused at this sort of talk and I severely castigated the perpetrator with several rounds of beer and several very hard admonishing slaps on the back.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 13, 06 | 3:46 pm


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