Vegemite Oscillation Index

Cold Storage, HFC? No.

Cold Storage, Chancery Court? No.

Foodmore, Little India? What was I thinking, of course No.

Time to pull out the big guns. Taxi driver, stop picking your nose and take me to ---

Tanglin Marketplace, B1, Tanglin Mall! And don't spare the Holden Commodore's horses either mate! As those who should know have said,

"Tanglin Mall is part of Australia."


But no, horror of horrors. There is no Vegemite to be had in Singapore!

It is all part of a dastardly plot (anything else you can think of that could be 'dastardly', let E@L know) to bring down E@L's mood after his relaxing weekend in Hua Hin.

It is obvious that there is a cycle of Vegemite availability in this town. At the moment it is at its ebb. As is E@L's mood. He needs his daily dose of "yeast extract"... Other Aussies must be aware of this. No doubt when the ships come in and a few jars are available they send their maids out to the stores t stock up and put several jars away for the inevitable shortages that such panic buying itself creates!.

That's right hoarders! These bloddy runs CAUSE the shortages in the first place you mindless Aussie bastards! Those four jars festering in your cupboard approaching their use-by date could be sitting on the shelf of my Cold Storage instead! Or more accurately, one of them could be in my frdge, its contents slathered on my hot buttered toast!

(Well maybe not use-by dates: unopened Vegemite has a half-life somewhere between those of Ce-137 and C-14.)

It's like a Russian winter in the depths of Stalin's repressions here for some things. Little old ladies are queueing in the snow for the potatoes. Why do they want potatoes? Because THERE ARE potatoes.

You know, the same goes for other foodstuffs in Singapore.

E@L had enormous amounts of trouble getting rock-salt for his fancy salt-dispenser a while ago. There was no rock-salt to be had for love nor money. Then, after he bought a huge supply of the nextish bestish thing, flakey salt, it came back everywhere all at once. You couldn't move down the aisles for the huge oaken barrells of the stuff, spillage crunching under your flip-flops. Yeah, I know it's all only sodium chloride (hopefully!), but normal salt just falls straight out of the salt-grinder.

So let E@L know when the next boat docks in Jurong Island (or wherever boats dock here - like just out my freaking window) bearing the annual supply of the world's best ever yeast extract - beware imitations.

It better be bloody soon is all this addict can say.




Posted by: expat@large on Jun 07, 06 | 11:31 pm | Profile


There's a black market for Vegemite in the vicinity of District 10. I think the players there are the ones that have been doing the hoarding.

Posted by: Mr Miyagi on Jun 08, 06 | 11:26 am

Area 10, eh? I'll keep an eye out my window...

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 08, 06 | 2:06 pm

vegemite at cold storage, bishan junction 8, in the australian section. you can also get about 30 varieties of trail mix. I'd pick some up for you, but am still suffering from ptsd from my first, last and only vegemite experience.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Jun 08, 06 | 10:23 pm

Do I need a visa to get to Bishan8? Is it still in Singapore?

Trail mix?? Stop playing these mind games! Have you been stalking me at Tanglin Mall? SpMyWe!

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 08, 06 | 10:36 pm


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