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Look Out Gaddafi, Here I Come! Maybe.

There is a chance of a work trip to Egypt and Libya in August. Maybe I will get to go or maybe a guy from India will.

I ran out of Jack* in Tripoli
Oh, those freedom fighters they were good to me.
They asked me all about Tennessee
And on one thing we all did agree.

Ooh yeah, yeah oh yeah

It's the same in any language
A brother is a brother if there's one thing I know
It's the same in any language
Wherever you go.
Wherever you go.
Wherever you go.
"Same in Any Language" I Nine, ElizabethTown Soundtrack

Australia has just opened a Consulate in Tripoli this month and their online advice is just to avoid the areas down south near Niger, Chad and Sudan. As if... The rest of Libya rates better than Egypt and is two classifactions better than Indonesia. This would be a cool trip if I get it. However as per most of my business trips, it will be an airport-hotel-hospital-hotel-airport run with very little exposure to the local culture and main tourist traps (those swinging Tripoli discos and sleazy girlie-joints! NOT!) Nevertheless, it would flesh out the exotic pages of my passport nicely.

Some of the laws in Libya remind me of Singapore:

Penalties for drug offences are severe and include the death penalty or life imprisonment.
Sexual relations outside of marriage are illegal in Libya and punishments include imprisonment.
Homosexual acts are illegal in Libya and punishments include a minimum three years imprisonment.
There are severe penalties for importing and using alcohol in Libya.

They don't mention Libya's specific position on blowjobs. Fellatio and cunnilingus naturally (or unnaturally) are illegal in Singapore unless they are part of foreplay, leading to sexual intercourse (vaginal, seulement).

That makes you wonder if premature ejaculation is technically illegal in Singapore? We had this conversation in a taxi in Thailand once, and my boss goes "Oh, then am I a criminal?"

Why DO countries and religions care who or how we fuck, provided everone involved is appropriately old enough?


* Jack = JackShit = Shit = dope = marijuana. I am presuming. Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey. I am reliably informed.


Posted by: expat@large on Jun 07, 06 | 2:37 pm | Profile


I think they're talking about Jack Daniels, actually. Thus the reference to Tennesee.

Posted by: MercerMachine on Jun 07, 06 | 5:02 pm

possibly, possibly, possibly...

OK that does sounds much more likely. Both are illegal in Libya of course.

Should I amend the post to salvage whatever tenuous shreds of credibility remain?

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 07, 06 | 5:07 pm

Amen to the last statement. Of course if you got laid in Libya, think of what a great story you woould have to tell........

Posted by: Skippy-san on Jun 07, 06 | 8:35 pm

Skip, didn't you read this bit? : "Sexual relations outside of marriage are illegal in Libya and punishments include imprisonment." It might be good for a blog entry or two, but it's gonna foul up my resume somewhat.

Posted by: expat@large on Jun 07, 06 | 10:55 pm


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